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Alumni of This Program


Last Updated: November 16, 2021

NOTE! There is a Facebook group called National Weather Center REU Program. Membership is open to past REU students, the students from similar programs who joined us for all our activities, and our mentors. It is not a very active group, but it allows past participants to directly connect to each other if they wish. I think it is especially cool when people connect across years of the program. Great networking happens!

There is a list of organizational acronyms at the bottom of the page.


Name Undergrad School Year Mentor Current Status
Eric Aligo Kean University 2000 Scott Richardson (OCS)
Chris McAloon (OCS)
working on model physics development at EMC in regional group
updated Sep 19 TP
Blake Allen Pittsburg State (KS) 2008 Ted Mansell (NSSL) working as meterologist and programmer at MetStat, Inc. in Denver, CO
updated Jan 18 TP
Chris Anderson St. Cloud State 1993 John Cortinas (OU)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
working as Research Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Climate Science Initiative at Iowa State University
updated Oct 11 TP
Deanna Apps SUNY Oswego 2013 Kim Elmore (CIMMS&NSSL)
Heather Grams (CIMMS&NSSL)
working at Army Corps of Engineers
updated May 18 TM
David Babb Pennsylvania State University 1991   working as assistant professor at PSU
updated Jul 10 TP
Robert Baines Rice University 2016 Jorge Salazar (ARRC) pursuing Ph.D. in robotics at Yale starting fall '17
updated May 17 PP
Rebekah Banas Central Michigan University 2011 Heather Reeves (OU/NSSL) working as Environmental Quality Analyst at Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
updated Jan 17 TM
Hannah (Barnes) Vagasky U. Wisconsin-Madison 2009 Jerry Brotzge (CAPS)
Somer Erickson (OU/SOM)
working as NRC post doc at NOAA/ESRL
updated May 18 TP
Massey Bartolini UNC Asheville 2015 Heather Reeves (CIMMS) pursuing M.S. at SUNY Albany
updated Aug 16 PM
Eric Beamesderfer California University of Pennsylvania 2011 Kiel Ortega (CIMMS)
Travis Smith (CIMMS)
John Cintineo (SOM)
working as postdoc at Northern Arizona's Center for Ecosystem Science and Society
updated Jan 21 TP
Chris Bednarczyk Valparaiso Univ. 2010 Yang Hong (CEES) working at AIR Worldwide, Boston MA, in catastrophe modeling
updated Jul 14 TM
Becky (Belobraydich) Cintineo Northern Illinois University 2008 Matt Biddle (OU) working at U-Wisconsin CIMSS
updated May 13 TM
Nadajalah Bennett University of Texas at Arlington 2014 Mark Shafer (OCS)
Alek Krautman (OCS)
Putnam Reiter (OEM)
working as Project Manager
updated Feb 20 TMM
Samantha Berkseth Valparaiso University 2013 Lak V. Lakshmanan (CIMMS&NSSL)
Chris Karstens (CIMMS&NSSL)
Kiel Ortega (CIMMS&NSSL)

working on the next step
updated May 18 TM

Quiana Berry Bronx Community College 2018 Adrienne Wootten (SC CSC)
Derek Rosendahl (SC CSC)
Renee McPherson (SC CSC)
pursuing undergraduate degree in Anthropology, Biology and Chemistry at Lehman College
updated Aug 20 PBM
Diana (Blahyj) Hunsley SUNY- Brockport 2001 Davy Imy (SPC) working as Project Manager for Arizona State University's Center for Education Through Exploration
updated Aug 19 TB
Leanne Blind-Doskocil Texas A&M University 2019 Naoko Sakaeda (SoM) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 19 PB
David Bolen University of Northern Colorado 2001 Bob Johns (SPC)
John Hart (SPC)
working in the alarm industry and running an outfitting company
updated Nov 08 TB
Justin Bonds Jackson State University 2018 Ashton Robinson-Cook (SPC)
Amber Davis (CEMML, CSU)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Sep 18 PBM
Tim Bonin Valparaiso University 2008 Deke Arndt (OCS)
Gary McManus (OCS)
working as research scientist at CIRES/NOAA-ESRL on Doppler radar and lidar for wind energy and air quality research
updated Jan 16 TP
Alexandra Borunda California State University at Fullerton 2017 Casey Griffin (OU/ARRC)
David Bodine (OU/ARRC)
finishing bachelor's
updated Jan 18 PBM
Aaron Botnick University of Louisiana - Monroe 2005 Yefim Kogan (CIMMS)
David Mecham (CIMMS)
working as software engineer NCAR
updated May 18 TB
Josh Boustead Creighton University 1999 Mike Douglas (NSSL) working as a forecaster for a private company
updated May 18 TBM
Erica Bower Western Connecticut State University 2018 Elinor Martin (SoM) pursuing Ph.D. at SUNY Stony Brook
updated May 19 PP
Christian Boyer Millersville University 2016 Caleb Fulton (ARRC) pursuing Ph.D. at Central Michigan starting fall 2019
updated May 19 PP
Kristin Bradford Valparaiso University 2009 Richard Carpenter (WDT)
Brent Shaw (WDT)
working at WindLogics as Resource Modeling Analyst
updated Oct 15 TM
Audrey Brandon Central Methodist University 2020 John Snow (OU/SoM) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Daniel Brouillette Northern Illinois University 2011 Yang Hong (CEES) working as research associate at Penn State
updated Nov 19 TM
Sara (Bruening) Van Klooster University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 2001 Mike Kay (CIMMS)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
working on air quality research at Hill AFB
updated Aug 07 TM
George Bryan Pennsylvania State University 1995 Robert Johns (SPC) working as a scientist at NCAR
updated Jul 10 TP
Ryan Bunker University of Oklahoma 2017 Ariel Cohen (NOAA/SPC)
Alan Gerard (NOAA/NSSL)
Kim Klockow (OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NSSL)
John Hart (NOAA/SPC)
working at NWS Norman
updated Jan 21 TM
Tomer Burg SUNY Albany 2015 Heather Grams (CIMMS)
Kim Elmore (CIMMS)
pursuing Ph.D. at OU
updated Aug 19 PP
Madison (Burnett) Miller University of Missouri 2008 Greg Carbin (SPC)
Joe Schaefer (SPC)
working as student coach at Bellevue University
updated Sep 15 TM
Joseph Burzdak Western Connecticut State University 2019 Andrew Rosenow (CIMMS)
Heather Reeves (CIMMS)
Shawn Handler (CIMMS)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 19 PB
Shannon Butcher University of Oklahoma 1995 Erik Rasmussen (CIMMS) **unknown**
Rachel (Butterworth) Riley Iowa State University 2007 Kevin Kloesel (CAGS) working as Associate Program Manager with the Southern Climate Impacts Program and Oklahoma Climatological Survey
updated Mar 16 TM
Zack Byko Pennsylvania State University 2004 Sarah Taylor (SPC)
Jared Guyer (SPC)
Jason Levit (SPC)
working in strategic raw material sourcing and price risk management at Mars Chocolate North America
updated Jul 15 TM
Alicia Cacciola (Wasula) SUNY - Albany 1998 Robert Johns (SPC) working as Certified Consulting Meteorologist in the private sector (forensics), and adjunct instructor in meteorology
updated Apr 16 TP
Matthew Campbell Ohio State 2015 Ariel Cohen (SPC)
Steve Corfidi (SPC)
Sarah Corfidi (CIMMS/SPC)
Andy Dean (SPC)
Corey Mead (SPC)
Mike Coniglio (NSSL)
working at NWS Wilmington OH
updated Aug 19 TMM
Josué Chamberlain San Jose State University 2021 Matt Flournoy (CIMMS)
Kenzie Krocak (CRCM & SPC)
Alex Anderson-Frey (U. Washington)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Nov 21 PBM
Amber (Cannon) Davis East Central University 2011 Kim Klockow (OCS)
Randy Peppler (CIMMS)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
working as GIS Analyst & Team Lead at Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.
updated Mar 16 TMM
Trevor Carson   1991   working as professor; earned Ph.D. in mathematics at UCSD 1997
updated Sep 10 TP
Matthew Carr McGill University 1995

Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Chuck Doswell (NSSL)

working as Director, Industrial & Environmental Section of BIO
updated Jul 10 TP
Kadi (Carroll) Mullins Northern Illinois University 2002 Jim LaDue (WDTB)
Andy Wood (CIMMS)
working as radiation health physicist at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
updated Oct 11 TB
Steve Caruso Plymouth State College 1999 Bob Rabin (NSSL)
Daphne Zaras (CIMMS)
Jim LaDue (WDTB)
working as high school math teacher
updated Nov 11 TM
Jeffrey Castle University of Oklahoma 1991   working as chief meteorologist at KSLA in Shreveport, LA
updated Jun 18 TM
Jamie (Casto) Bielinski Lyndon State College 1998 Chuck Doswell (NSSL) working as the MIC at NOAA NWS Charleston, WV
updated Mar 16 TB
Mike Charles SUNY - Stony Brook 2003 Dave Andra (NWS)
Dan Miller (NWS)
Mike Foster (NWS)
working as meteorologist at the Climate Prediction Center of NOAA / NCEP
updated Mar 16 TMM
Morgan Clark The Ohio State University 2018 Sean Crowell (GeoCarb Mission)
Liz Pillar-Little (CASS, SoM)
Jeff Basara (SoM)
Petra Klein (SoM, AGS)
Phil Chilson (SoM)
Xianging Xiao (CSA)
Xiao-Ming Hu (CAPS)
pursuing master's degree at Colorado State University
updated Nov 19 PMM
Ariel Cohen The Ohio State University 2005

Sarah Taylor (SPC)
Steve Corfidi (SPC)
Mike Coniglio (NRC NSSL)

working as Science and Operations Officer at NWS Topeka
updated May 18 TP
Austin Coleman Valparaiso University 2016 Nusrat Yussouf (CIMMS/NSSL) pursing M.S. at Texas Tech starting fall '17
updated May 17 PM
Peggy (Concannon) Orlandino Northern Illinois University 1999 Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Chuck Doswell (NSSL)
working as Product Manager at Allstate Insurance Company
updated Oct 11 TMBA
Jeff Connors Plymouth State College 1999 David Schultz (CIMMS) working as manager of the atmospheric dispersion modeling group at one of AECOM locations
updated Nov 11 TM
Robert Conrick Indiana University 2014 Heather Reeves (CIMMS/NSSL) pursuing M.S. at University of Washington beginning fall '15
updated Aug 15 PM
Jeremy Cooper PSU 1993 Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Chuck Doswell (NSSL)
working as partner at Cooper & Cooper Real Estate in NYC
updated Apr 07 TB
Tim Corrie III University of Northern Colorado 2018 Gerry Creager (CIMMS & NSSL)
Brad Illston (OCS)
working at Aenemometry Specialists, Inc.
updated Jul 19 TB
Soleil Cotterell Georgetown University 2019 Aaron Johnson (SoM)
Xuguang Wang (SoM)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 19 PBM
Levi Cowan University of Alaska, Fairbanks 2013 Marc Austin (NWS)
Michael Scotten (NWS)
Jonathan Kurtz (NWS)
Matthew Day (NWS)
completed PhD at FSU
updated Nov 19 TP
James Coy, Jr. Texas A&M 2015 Kristin Calhoun (CIMMS) working as research associate at Texas A&M
updated Aug 19 TMM
Doug Crauder Earlham College 2007 Dave Zittel (ROC) working at as a Equipment Engineer in the Metrology Department at GLOBALFOUNDRIES; also serves as volunteer firefighter and works part time on weekends as an EMT
updated May 18 TB
Breecia Crawford East Central University 2018 Jessica Ruyle (ARRC, COE/ECE)
Hjalti Sigmarsson (ARRC, COE/ECE)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Sep 18 PB
Joshua Crittenden East Central University 2013 Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Sean Crowell (SOM)
Greg Carbin (SPC)
Patrick Marsh (SPC)
working as Development Supervisor for the Department of Web Development for the Chickasaw Nation
updated May 18 TBM
Neil Crosby Jackson State University 2020 Ben Schenkel (OU/CIMMS) finished undergraduate degree
updated Jun 21 TBM
Erik Crosman University of Northern Colorado 2002 Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Matt Wandishin (U AZ)
working as Research Professor at U. Utah
updated May 18 TP
Steve Decker Iowa State University 1998 David Schultz (CIMMS) working as Assistant Professor at Rutgers Department of Environmental Science
updated Jan 16 TP
Kristen (Delack) Johnson PSU 2001 Dave Andra (NWS)
Mike Foster (NWS)
Dan Miller (NWS)
working for Raytheon supporting all NOAA NWS hardware and software at the AWIPS Network Control Facility
updated Jul 18 TB
Jeff Deppa Rutgers University 2010 Richard Carpenter (WDT)
Brent Shaw (WDT)
We miss you and will always remember your smile
updated Jun 20 TB
Jill (Derby) Watts North Carolina State University 1998 Carl Hane (NSSL) working on raising her family and home schooling her children
updated Oct 11 TM
Daniel Diaz Florida State University 2012 Steven Cavallo (SOM)
Brian Fiedler (SOM)
working as GIS technician for the Office of Greenways and Trails at Florida Department of Environmental Protection
updated Aug 14 MTM
Theresa Dixon University of Georgia 2021 Sean Crowell (GeoCarb)
Helene Peiro (GeoCarb)
pursuing bachelor's dgree
updated Nov 21 PBM
Rebecca (DiLuzio) Taylor Millersville University 2014 Tiffany Meyer (CIMMS/NSSL)
Matt Elliot (CIMMS/NSSL)
Kristin Calhoun (CIMMS/NSSL)
working as meteorologist at Versar, Inc.
updated Jun 18 TB
Raquel Dominguez Western Kentucky University 2019 Ryann Wakefield (SoM)
Jordan Christian (SoM)
Jeff Basara (SoM & CEES)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 19 PBM
Tracey Dorian Pennsylvania State University 2011 Michael Douglas (NSSL) working for NESDIS/STAR as a Quality Assurance specialist
updated Sep 19 TM
Jackie (Dubios) Miller University of Oklahoma 2004

Phillip Spencer (CIMMS)

working on raising children; recently also working part time teaching weather and climate courses for non-majors
updated Mar 18 TM
Lena (Dziechowski) Arango University of Massachusetts Lowell 2017 Elinor Martin (SoM)
working as on-air meteorologist at Fox 26 in Houston
updated Aug 21 TMM
Jenelle Edwards Valencia College 2019 Mike Wimberly (DGES)
Justin Davis (DGES)
pursuing undergraduate degree at FIT after finishing a year with AmeriCorps VISTA
updated Jul 20 PBM
Travis Elless Valparaiso University 2011 Xuguang Wang (SOM)
Ting Lei (CAPS)
Govindan Kutty Mohan Kumar (CAPS)
working as contractor at NOAA EMC on prediction model dropouts
updated Aug 18 TP
Lexi Elizalde South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 2021 Emily Tinney (SoM; REU17)
Cameron Homeyer (SoM)
pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PBM
Somer Erickson University of Miami (FL) 2002 Mark Shafer (OCS) working for FEMA
updated Mar 16 PP
Carley (Eschliman) Reigle Cornell University 2019 Emma Kuster (SC CASC)
Joe Ripberger (CRCM) Adrienne Wootten (SC CASC)
working as communication specialist with The Veritas Forum
updated Aug 20 TB
Jenny Esker Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville 2003 Harold Brooks (NSSL) working as an air quality advisor / environmental engineer at Kennecott Utah Cooper
updated Mar 18 TM
Kathleen (Eyerman) Torgerson   1991   working as forecaster at the NWS Pueblo
updated Nov 11 TB
Veronica Fall Valparaiso University 2012 Qing Cao (ARRC)
Yang Hong (ARRC)
Nicole Grams (SOM)
pursuing M.S. at NCSU in the Climate Change and Society Professional Science Master’s program
updated Mar 18 PM
Todd Ferebee North Carolina State University 2010 Kiel Ortega (CIMMS)
Kevin Scharfenberg (NWS)
working full time as meteorologist with Early Alert, Inc.
updated Mar 18 TB
Pete Finocchio University of Miami - Coral Gables 2007 Dave Hogan (AER) working as postdoc at NRL
updated Mar 18 TP
Heather (Flachs) Daley Northern Illinois University 2004 Harold Brooks (NSSL) working as Teller Manager in the banking industry
updated Oct 11 TB
Kwanshae Flenory Langston University 2014 Mike Richman (SOM) working as Quality Control Assciate for Alliant Group
updated Jul 20 TBM
Montgomery Flora Ball State University 2014 Corey Potvin (CIMMS/NSSL) working as Postdoc at OU CIMMS
updated Jan 21 TP
Daphne (Fontenot) Thompson University of Oklahoma 1991   working at Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.
updated Mar 16 TBM
Jashawn Ford Morgan State University 2018 Jessica Ruyle (ARRC & COE/ECE)
Hjalti Sigmarsson (ARRC & COE/ECE)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Sep 18 PBM
Rashida Francis Brooklyn College 2015 Kristin Calhoun (CIMMS)
Daphne LaDue (CAPS)
pursuing Professional Science M.S. at the University of Miami, Natural Hazards Catastrophe track
updated Jun 19 PMM
Adam French Valparaiso University 2004

Steve Weiss (SPC)
David Bright (SPC)
Jack Kain (CIMMS)

working as assistant professor at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
updated Mar 16 TP
Angie Fritz Valaparaiso University 2005

V. Lakshmanan (CIMMS)
Eddie Forren (CIMMS)
Travis Smith (CIMMS)
Beth Clarke (CIMMS)

working as deputy weather editor for the Washington Post
updated Mar 16 TM
Ryan Fuller Northland College 1998 David Stensrud (NSSL) **unknown**
Gregg Gallina Valparaiso University 1998 J.T. Johnson (NSSL) working as meteorologist at the Forecast Operations Branch of NOAA/HPC
updated Mar 16 TM
Kody Gast University of Northern Colorado 2013 Daphne LaDue (CAPS)
Jerry Brotzge (CAPS)
working at Discount Tire
updated Mar 16 TB
America Gaviria-Pabón University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez 2020 Jill Hardy (OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NWS/WDTD)
JJ Gourley (NOAA/NSSL)
Todd Lindley (NOAA/NWS/NWSFO Norman)
pursuing graduate degree in OU's Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability
updated Mar 21 PM
Joshua Gebauer California University of Pennsylvania 2014 Jeff Cunningham (USAF & ROC)
Dave Zittel (ROC)
Bob Lee (ROC)
working as postdoc with NCAR's Earth Observation Lab
updated Jan 21 TP
Daniel Geiszler Texas A&M University 1995 Conrad Ziegler (NSSL) working as meteorologist with Science Applications International Corporation on contract with the Naval Research Lab/DOD
updated Nov 08 TM
John Gensic Saint Francis University 2004 Mike Baldwin (CIMMS)
Matt Wandishin (SoM)
working as chemistry teacher in IN
updated Aug 07 TM
Victor Gensini Northern Illinois University 2007 Harold Brooks (NSSL) working as Assistant Professor at Northern Illinois University
updated Nov 19 TP
Olafemi Gibson Clark Atlanta University 1995 Jeff Trap (NSSL)
Sonia Lasher-Trapp (SoM)
Kerstin Gillespie Millersville University 2021 Daphne LaDue (CAPS)
Chris Karstens (SPC)
pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Dana Gillson Mount Holyoke College 2016 Esther Mullens (SC-CSC)
Derek Rosendahl (SC-CSC)
pursuing M.S. in Regional and City Planning
updated Jun 20 PMM
Kevin Goebbert Valparaiso University 2002 Phillip Bothwell (SPC) working as professor at Valparaiso University
updated Sep 16 TP
Brent Gordon University of Northern Colorado 1991   working as Branch Chief, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
updated Oct 11 TM
David Goree Southwestern Oklahoma State University 2009 David Stensrud (NSSL)
Dusty Wheatley (NRC PostDoc)
Warren Moseley (SWOSU)
working as a self-employed computer technician
updated Dec 11 TB
Jennifer (Green) Scrivens Central Michigan University 2004 Valliappa Lakshmanan (CIMMS) working as administrative assistant for a CPA firm; starting to train to be an Enrolled Agent.
updated Jun 18 TB
Tyler Green Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach 2017 Amy McGovern (SoM)
Nate Snook (CAPS)
pursuing M.S. at OU starting fall '18
updated May 18 PM
Cara Gregg The Ohio State University 2018 Kristin Calhoun (CIMMS & NSSL)
Tiffany Meyer (CIMMS & NSSL)
working at NWS Charleston WV
updated Jun 21 TB
E'lysha Guerrero San Jose State University 2020 Brad Illston (OCS) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Eric Guillot Lyndon State College 2007

Valliappa Lakshmanan (CIMMS)
Greg Stumpf (CIMMS)
Travis Smith (CIMMS)
Don Burgess (CIMMS)

working in GOES-R user readiness at NWS Headquarters
updated Mar 15 TM
Uriel Gutierrez Texas A&M University 2016 Steven Cavallo (SoM)
Nick Szapiro (SoM)
working as a meteorologist/flight planner for International Trip Planning Services in Houston
updated Mar 18 TBM
Maura Hahnenberger University of Utah 2003 Mike Douglas (NSSL) working as full time faculty in the Geosciences Department at Salt Lake Community College
updated Jan 14 TP
Andy Hamm Northland College 2003 Kim Elmore (CIMMS) working as high school teacher in Boyceville, Wisconsin, with seven teaching preps: AP Physics/AP Calculus/AP Chemistry
Pre-Calculus/Advanced Algebra
General Chemistry/Physical Science Teacher; serving as Science Olympiad head coach
updated Oct 11 TB
Shawn Handler Plymouth State University 2014 V. Lakshmanan (CIMMS/NSSL)
Terry Schuur (CIMMS/NSSL)
working on the MRMS team with OU CIMMS & NOAA NSSL
updated Mar 18 TM
Sebastian Harkema Central Michigan University 2016 Heather Grams (CIMMS/NSSL)
Steve Martinaitis (CIMMS/NSSL)
pursuing M.S. at UAH and NASA SPoRT
updated May 17 PM
Christina (Hannon) Henderson University of Oklahoma 1998 Donald MacGorman (NSSL)

working the farm and raising children
updated Nov 11 TM

Mike Hardiman Lyndon State College 2002 Pete Banacos (SPC)
David Manning (NWSFO-Tulsa)
working at NOAA NWS in Binghamton NY
updated Jan 21 TB
Michelle Harrold Valparaiso University 2005 Greg Stumpf (CIMMS&NWS)
Jim LaDue (NWS/WDTB)
Paul Schlatter (CIMMS&WDTB)
working in NCAR's testing and evaluation group, helping evalute models and get things into operations
updated Jun 10 TM
Tom Hayes   1991   **unknown**
Brad Hegyi Purdue University 2008 Kevin Kloesel (CAGS) working as postdoc at NASA Langley
updated Jul 15 TP
Stefanie Henry Valparaiso University 2007 Mike Douglas (NSSL)
John Mejia (CIMMS)
Javier Murillo (CIMMS)
Raquel Orozco (CIMMS)
working as meteorologist at NWS Missoula
updated Mar 16 PM
Stacey Hitchcock University of Oklahoma 2010 Patrick Marsh (SOM)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Chuck Doswell (CIMMS)
working as Postdoc at University of Melbourne
updated May 19 TP
Nicole Hoban University of Missouri, Columbia 2013 Jeff Cunningham (USAF&ROC)
Dave Zittel (ROC)
working as contractor at National Data Buoy Center
updated Feb 17 TM

Stephanie Hoekstra UCLA 2009 Rachel Butterworth (SOM+Comm)
Jerry Brotzge (CAPS)
Kim Klockow (SOM)
Somer Erickson (SOM+Comm)
working as adjunct professor of geography and environmental sciences
updated Mar 16 TP
Christina Holt University of Southern Alabama 2008 Kevin Kloesel (OU) working as research scientist at CIRES
updated Nov 19 TP
Kate Horgan North Carolina State University 2005

Dave Schultz (CIMMS/NSSL)
Bob Johns (CIMMS/SPC)
Steve Corfidi (SPC)
Jack Hales (SPC)

finishing M.S. June '08; working as scientist at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division soon after
updated Jun 08 TM
Rebecca (House) Newman Creighton University 1999 Scott Greene (EVAC) working as environmental scientist for Tetra Tech in Omaha, NE; earned M.S. in agronomy, specializing in biometeorology
updated Oct 11 TMM
Eric Hout South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 2010 Chris Weaver (CSA)
May Yuan (CSA)
Moshe Gutman (CSA)
working as Urban Resource Conservationist for Berks County Conservation District
updated Apr 16 TM
Sean Hribal California University of Pennsylvania 2005 Steve Leyton (CAPS) finished M.S. at LSU; seeking job
updated Aug 10 TM
Hannah Huelsing Northern Colorado Univ. 2012 Sadiq Kahn (ARRC)
Yang Hong (ARRC)
working at UCAR
updated Sep 17 TM
Alexis Hunzinger UIUC 2015 Kiel Ortega (CIMMS)
Jeff Snyder (CIMMS)
working as post-masters Research Associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
updated Aug 20 PM
Alex Ingalls University of Maine at Farmington 2021 Brad Illston (Mesonet) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Hope Judkins University of Alabama at Hunstville 2020 Kirsten de Beurs (OU/DGES) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Caleb Johnson Jackson State University 2013 Lans Rothfusz (NSSL) serving in the USAF; selected for Officer Training School
updated May 18 TB
Elise (Johnson) Schultz Iowa State University 2005 Ted Mansell (CIMMS/NSSL) Research Scientist at CFD Research Corporation in Huntsville, AL
updated Jan 19 TM
Christopher Juckins SUNY-Albany 1995 Donald MacGorman (NSSL) working as technical support meteorologist at the NOAA Tropical Prediction Center
updated Jun 08 TM
Tina Kalb The Ohio State University 2003 Andy Dean (CIMMS)
Randy Peppler (CIMMS)
Karen Sonntag (CIMMS)
working at NCAR
updated Oct 11 TM
Mike Kay North Carolina State University 1991 Chuck Doswell (NSSL)

working as Research Associate at NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
updated Oct 11 TM

Kelly Keene University of Georgia 2008 Paul Schlatter (WDTB)
Jack Hales (SPC)
working at NCAR
updated Jun 11 TM
Nathan Kelly Valparaiso University 2014 Brad Illston (OCS) pursuing MS at Colorado State, hoping to finish fall '17, possibly continue to PhD
updated Mar 17 PM
Eric Kemp Valparaiso University 1995 Fred Carr (SoM)
Keith Brewster (CAPS)
working as meteorologist for Northrop Grumman Information Systems
updated Oct 11 TM
Ronald Kennedy Citrus College 2018 Harold Brooks (NSSL)
James Correia, Jr. (CIMMS & SPC)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Sep 18 PBM
Christopher Kerr Clemson University 2010 Guifu Zhang (SOM) pursuing Ph.D. at OU
updated Sep 17 PP
Alethia Kielbasa Florida International University 2021 John Snow (SoM) pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Karly Klein Minnesota State University 2002 Al Shapiro (SoM)
Paul Robinson (CAPS)
working as Admissions Coordinator at Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods in KC, MO; completed M.Ed. at Iowa State in 2007
updated Oct 11 TM
Kim Klockow Purdue University 2004

Dan Sutter(OU Dept of Economics)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)

working as Research Scientist at OU/CIMMS and NOAA/NSSL
updated Sep 17 TP
Carly Kovacik North Carolina State University 2010 Mark Shafer (OCS)
James Hocker (OCS)
working as lead forecaster for the NWS in Seattle, WA beginning early fall of '18
updated Jul 14 TM
Laura (Kruep) Farinella University of North Carolina - Charlotte 2007 Jim LaDue (WDTB) working as a vet tech
updated Mar 15 TB
Nathan Korfe St. Cloud State Univ. 2012 Heather Reeves (CIMMS)
Adam Clark (CIMMS)
working at WindLogics, Inc.
updated Aug 16 TM
Alex Kowaleski Davidson College 2009 Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Chuck Doswell (CIMMS)
pursuing Ph.D. at PSU
updated Oct 15 PP
Kristin Kuhlman University of North Carolina - Asheville 1999 Randy Peppler (CIMMS)
Michael Splitt (Univ. of Utah)
working as Research Scientist with CIMMS, teamed with NSSL
updated Jul 14 TP
Rebekah LaBar Central Washington University 2005 Mike Douglas (NSSL)
Javier Murillo (CIMMS/NSSL)
John Mejia (CIMMS/NSSL)
working as meteorologist at MetService of New Zealand in Wellington
updated Nov 15 TM
Jon Labriola University of Miama Coral Gables 2012 Kiel Ortega (CIMMS)
Darrel Kingfield (CIMMS)
Madison Miller (SOM)
finished PhD at OU
updated Jun 20 TP
Nettie Lake (Arnott) Lyndon State College 2001 Don MacGorman (NSSL) raising family, home schooling her children
updated May 11 TM
Michael Lavallee Texas A&M University 2020 Brad Illston (OCS) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Francesca Lappin Florida State University 2017 Dustan Wheatley (CIMMS/NSSL)
Kent Knopfmeier (CIMMS/NSSL)
pursuing M.S. at OU beginning fall 2019
updated May 19 PM
William Leatham IV Plymouth State College 2010 Andrew Taylor (NWS)
Patrick Burke (NWS)
working at NWS Boston
updated Dec 19 TM
Craig Lengyel Lyndon State College 2000 Dave Stensrud (NSSL) working at CloudHealth at VMWare as a Senior Account Executive
updated May 19 TM
Elizabeth Leslie University of Oklahoma 2019 Daphne LaDue (CAPS)
Lara Mayeux (Psychology)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 19 PB
Beth Levy   1991   **unknown**
Amber Liggett Millersville University 2015 Tian-Yu You (ARRC)
Yunsung Hwang
working as Public Information Officer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Health
updated Feb 18 TMM
Samuel Lillo Plymouth State University 2011 Ted Mansell (NSSL) pursuing PhD at OU
updated Sep 17 PP
Theresa Lincheck Cleveland State University 2020 Brian Greene (OU/SoM & OU/CASS)
Francesca Lappin (OU/SoM & OU/CASS)
Liz Pillar-Little (OU/SoM & OU/CASS)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Scott Longmore Univ. of Northern Colorado 1993   working as research associate at CIRA/CSU
updated Mar 18 TM
Adam Lopes Penn State University 2001 Kelvin Droegemeier (CAPS) working as data scientist at Radiant Solutions in MD
updated Mar 18 TM
Mario Lopez University of Texas-Pan American 2001 Ken Howard (NSSL) working teaching physical science at South Texas College
updated Mar 18 TMM
Brianna Lund St. Cloud State University 2013 Dustan Wheatley (CIMMS&NSSL)
Kent Knopfmeier (CIMMS&NSSL)
working at RadioMetrics Corporation in Boulder, CO
updated Jan 18 TM
Alex Lyakhov SUNY Oneonta 2011 David Bodine (SOM)
Bob Palmer (ARRC)
working as Custom Research Analyst for Institutional Shareholder Services
updated Sep 18 TM
Briana Lynch University of Massachussetts - Lowell 2016 Sean Crowell (CAGS) working at CPP Wind
updated Aug 19 TM
Ivy MacDaniel Austin Peay State University 2018 Sean Waugh (NSSL)
Sherman Fredrickson (NSSL)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Sep 18 PBD
Michael Magsig University of Oklahoma 1991 Don Burgess (NSSL) working at the NOAA NWS WDTB as a meteorologist/instructor and developer
updated Mar 18 TM
Andrew Mahre University of Texas at Austin 2013 Gerry Creager (CIMMS&NSSL) working at Johns Hopkins
updated Jun 20 TM
Juan Mangual Iowa State University 2021 Larissa Reames (CIMMS & NSSL)
David Bodine (ARRC)
pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PBM
Jeffrey Manion University of Kansas 1991 Ron Alberty working as Forecast Applications Meteorologist for the Scientific Services Division of the National Weather Service's Central Region HQ
updated Sep 07 TB
Paul Markowski Pennsylvania State University 1995 David Stensrud (NSSL) working as Professor of meteorology at Penn State University
updated Mar 18 TP
Alison Marr Murray State University 2001 Kim Elmore (CIMMS) working as associate professor and department chair at Southwestern University's Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science; completed Ph.D in Mathematics at Southern Illinois University
updated Mar 18 TP
Russell Manser State Cloud University 2016 Cameron Homeyer (SoM)
Daniel Phoenix (SoM)
pursuing B.S., expected graduation '18
updated May 17 PB
James Mathis William Jewell College 1991 Bill Beasley (SOM) **unknown**
Becca Mazur Northern Illinois University 2003 Greg Stumpf (CIMMS)
Valliappa Lakshmanan (CIMMS)
working at the Arctic Testing and Proving Ground for the NWS in Anchorage
updated Mar 18 TM
Kristina Mazur Rutgers University 2016 April Taylor (SC-CSC)
Esther Mullens (SC-CSC)
Derek Rosendahl (SC-CSC)
pursuing M.S. at SUNY Albany beginning fall '17
updated May 17 PM
Christopher McAloon Plymouth State College 1998 Scott Richardson (CIMMS)

working as Associate Director - Europe Region, Fleet Management at Pratt & Whitney
updated Sep 19 TM

Joel McAuliffe East Carolina University 2015 Cameron Homeyer (SOM) pursuing M.S. at OU
updated Sep 17 PM
Olivia McCauley Mount Holyoke College 2019 Charles Kuster (CIMMS)
Terry Schuur (CIMMS)
Vivek Mahale (NWS)
pursuing graduate degree at Univ. Iowa
updated Jul 20 PMM
Shannon McCloskey University of Oklahoma 2021 Erik Loken (CIMMS)
David Jahn (CIMMS & SPC)
Bryan Smith (SPC; REU05)
Chris Karstens (SPC)
pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Sarah McCorkle Indiana University 2018 Amy McGovern (SoM & CS)
Nate Snook (CAPS)
pursuing graduate degree at Wyoming beginningn fall '19
updated May 19 PM
Tracy McCormick Lyndon State College 2000 Harold Brooks (NSSL) working at NOAA NWS Northeast River Forecast Center in Taunton, MA
updated Mar 18 TM
Luke McGuire Bucknell University 2007 Ned Snell (AER)
Mark Leidner (AER)
working as assistant professor in the Dept. of Geosciences at U. Arizona
updated Mar 18 TP
Megan McHugh (Lengyel) University of Dallas 2000 Mike Kay (CIMMS) working as senior director of online learning at Kolbe Academy
updated Mar 18 TM
Isaac Medina University of Oklahoma 2021 Tyler Bell (CIMMS)
Elizabeth Smith (NSSL)
Jacob Carlin (CIMMS)
pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Nick Metz Valparaiso University 2003 Dave Schultz (CIMMS)
Bob Johns (CIMMS)
working as associate professor of geosciences at Hobart and William Smith Colleges
updated Mar 18 TP
Cathy Meyer Boston College 2001 Harold Brooks (NSSL) working as senior meteorological software engineer at Weather Source in Salem, NH
updated Mar 18 TM
Brandon Miller Georgia Institute of Technology 2005 Brad Grant (NWS/WDTB)
Wilson Gonzalez-Espada (AR Tech Univ.)
working at CNN as Senior Weather Producer / Meteorologist
updated Mar 18 TM
Karen Michelle Montes Berríos University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Campus 2016 Ashton Robinson Cook (SPC)
Amber Cannon (OU)
Somer Erickson (FEMA)
Mark Shafer (OCS)
working as Planner in the Natural Hazards section in Delaware Emergency Management Agency; earned M.S. in Disaster Management at U. Delaware
updated Nov 19 TMM
Aisha Muhammad (Owusu) University of Oklahoma 2005 Dave Andra (NWS)
Mike Foster (NWS)
Rick Smith (NWS)
working in climate services and analysis for the public health sector w/Columbia's International Institute for Climate and Society
updated Sep 15 TMM
Elisa Murillo University of Louisiana - Monroe 2015 Corey Potvin (CIMMS) pursuing Ph.D. at OU
updated Feb 19 PPM
Sarah Mustered Valparaiso University 2011 Kiel Ortega (OU/NSSL) working with local developmental disability community
updated Jul 14 TB
Joseph Nardi Carleton College 2016 Amy McGovern (SoM&CS)
Nate Snook (CAPS)
David John Gagne II (SoM)
pursuing Masters in Public Policy at the University of Chicago
updated Jun 20 PM
Carly Nartosky Univeristy of North Carolina at Asheville 2017 Jason Furtado(SoM) pursuing graduate degree at FSU beginning fall '19
updated May 19 PM
Christy (Nestlerode) Henderson Lycoming College 2003 Mike Richman (SoM) temeporarily stopped Ph.D. (she's ABD!) in space weather at George Mason University to raise Terran and Blair
updated Nov 11 TPP
Jennifer Newman Cornell 2008 Daphne LaDue (CAPS)
Pam Heinselman (NSSL)
working as Vice President for Research at REsurity, Inc.
updated Jun 18 TP
Stormi Noll University of Nevada at Reno 2017 Kim Elmore (CIMMS)
Darrell Kingfield (CIMMS)
pursuing Ph.D. at University of Nevada Reno and working as research assistant for the Airbus Perlan II mission and at WeatherExtreme Ltd.
updated Jul 21 PPV
Stephanie Nordin (Verbout) Saint Cloud State University 2002 Jeff Craven (SPC)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
working at raising family
updated Oct 11 TM
David Nowicki University of Mississippi 2017 Ariel Cohen (NOAA/SPC)
Alan Gerard (NOAA/NSSL)
Kim Klockow (OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NSSL)
John Hart (NOAA/SPC)
pursuing MS at OU staring fall of '18
updated May 18 PM
Scott Overpeck Creighton University 1995 John Cortinas, Jr. (NSSL) working for NOAA National Weather Service in Houston/Galveston, TX
updated May 17 TM
Dana Pawlowski East Carolina University 2021 Tyler Bell (CIMMS)
Elizabeth Smith (NSSL)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Marco Paredes Florida International University 2019 Ben Schenkel (CIMMS & SoM) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 19 PB
Vincent Pellegrino Worcester State University 2021 Darren Purcell (DGES) pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Angie Pendergrass University of Miami (FL) 2004 Kim Elmore (CIMMS) working as Assistant Professor at Cornell University
updated Aug 21 TP
Jamie Pflasterer University of Oklahoma 1995 Jeanne Schneider (NSSL) working as Vice President for IndyMac Bank in Pasadena, CA
updated Sep 03 TB
Thong Phan East Central University (OK) 2014 V. Lakshmanan (CIMMS/NSSL)
John Krause (CIMMS/NSSL)
completed doctorate in medical physics
updated May 19 TP
Julie Phillipson University of Northern Colorado 2005 Phillip Chilson (SOM) working as forecaster at NOAA National Weather Service in St. Louis
updated Oct 11 TM
Andrew Philpott Bates College 2002 Jeff Basara (OCS) working as hydrologic forecaster at the NOAA NWS West Gulf River Forecast Center
updated Mar 18 TM
Kyle Pittman Northern Illinois University 2019 Andrew Mahre (ARRC & SoM)
David Bodine (ARRC)
Casey Griffin (ARRC)
pursuing graduate degree at Univ. Nebraska Lincoln
updated Jul 20 PMV
Jon Poterjoy Millersville University 2008 Ross Hoffman (AER) working as ASP postdoc at NCAR
updated Aug 15 TP
Lauren Potter University of Kansas 2009 Jerry Brotzge (CAPS)
Dan Sutter (UT Pan American)
Somer Erickson (OU)
pursuing Ph.D. at CSU
updated Jun 13 PP
Corey Potvin Lyndon State College 2003 Sarah Taylor (SPC)
Steven Weiss (SPC)

finished Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma
updated Jul 10 TP

Scott Powell University of Miami - Coral Gables 2007 Dan O'Hair (OU Dept of Communications) working as postdoc at CSU in a NOAA Climate/Global Change fellowship
updated Jan 17 TP
Rebecca Pratt (Miller) Russell Sage College 1999 Pam Mackeen (CIMMS)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
working as an environmental project analyst with NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation
updated Apr 08 TM
Nicholas Price Jackson State University 2021 Rachael Cross (ARRC & SoM)
David Bodine (ARRC)
pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PBM
Jamin Rader University of Washington 2016 Brad Illston (OCS) pursuing M.S. at CSU starting fall 2019
updated May 19 PMD
Jessica Ram Pennsylvania State University 2007 Paul Schlatter (WDTB)
Bob Johns (retired)
Liz Quoetone (WDTB)
working as air quality / environmental engineer
updated Jun 13 TM
Dustin Rapp Union University 2003 Jeff Basara (OCS) working at CPP Wind
updated Feb 08 TM
Brittany Recker Pennsylvania State University 2012 S. Mark Leidner (AER, Inc.)
Dan Gombos (AER, Inc.)
working as catastrophe exposure analyst at Chubb Insurance
updated Sep 15 TM
Michael Richter Purdue University 1995 Alan Shapiro (CAPS)
Jerry Straka (SoM)
working as a senior forecaster at the White Lake, MI NOAA NWS office
updated Nov 09 TM
Jordan Robinson Rhodes College 2020 Brian Greene (OU/SoM & OU/CASS)
Francesca Lappin (OU/SoM & OU/CASS)
Liz Pillar-Little (OU/SoM & OU/CASS)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Zuleydian Roche Rivera University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez 2018 Chris Fiebrich (OCS)
Keith Brewster (CAPS)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Sep 18 PBM
Astryd Rodriguez Florida International University 2012 James Correia, Jr. (CIMMS)
Rachel Riley (OCS)
Gabe Garfield (CIMMS)
working as a IT Business Analyst for a private company
updated Jul 18 TBM
Julia (Ross) Ryherd Olivet Nazarene University 2014 James Correia, Jr. (CIMMS/SPC)
Daphne LaDue (CAPS)
pursuing bachelor's
updated Apr 15 PB
Mallory Row Valparaiso University 2013 James Correia, Jr. (OU&SPC)
Patrick Marsh (SPC)
working at IMSG on global modeling verification
updated Aug 16 TM
Angela Rowe Millersville University 2004 Pam Heinselman (CIMMS)
Terry Schuur (CIMMS)
working as faculty at UW-Madison beginning January 2020
updated Jun 20 TP
Christopher Rozoff University of Wisconsin 1998 Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Jeff Craven (SPC)
working as project scientist at NCAR
updated Mar 17 TP
Natalie Ruiz-Castillo Cameron University 2015 Carlos Gaitan (SCCSC) working completed the Junior Executive Development Initiative program U.S. Army
updated Jul 20 TBM
Julie Ruthford University of Washington 1995

Harold Brooks (NSSL)
Charles Doswell (NSSL)

working at NOAA NWS - Portland
updated Nov 09 TB
Shanna Sampson Millersville University 2002 Kim Elmore (CIMMS)
working for IMSG at NOAA/NESDIS/STAR on the GOES-R AWG Algorithm Integration Team
updated Aug 10 TM
Henry Santer University of Maryland College Park 2020 Heather Grams (NOAA/NSSL) pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Melanie Schroers Texas A&M University at Commerce 2017 Derek Rosendahl (SC CSC)
Adrienne Wootten (SC CSC)
Renee McPherson (SC CSC)
pursuing Ph.D. at OU
updated Jan 21 PP
Russ Schumacher Valparaiso University 2000 Dave Schultz (CIMMS) working as professor CSU
updated Jul 14 TP
Mike Seaman University of Utah 1999 Bob Johns (SPC) working as lead forecaster at the NOAA NWS office in Salt Lake City, UT
updated Nov 09 TB
Addison Sears-Collins University of Virginia 2002 Dave Schultz (CIMMS)
Bob Johns (SPC)
working as consultant on CFO duties for 21212, a venture capital firm in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; founder and web developer for Visa Hunter; creator and funder of the Book Supplement Award in Meteorology scholarship at Penn State; and studying Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University
updated Sep 18 TMM, PMM
Anneliese Sherer Penn State University 2000 Mike Douglas (NSSL) working in energy sector in Houston, TX
updated Mar 06 TM
Hope Skypek University of Georgia 2020 Kimberly Hoogewind (OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NSSL)

Harold Brooks (NOAA/NSSL)
finishing undergraduate degree and heading to UGA Law School, interested in environmental law and policy
updated Mar 21 PB
Elizabeth Sims Birmginham-Southern College 2018 Andrew Rosenow (CIMMS & NSSL)
Heather Reeves (CIMMS & NSSL)
pursuing graduate degree at UND
updated Aug 20 PM
Ivan Sloan Howard University 2021 Ben Schenkel (CIMMS) pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PBM
Bryan Smith Ball State University 2005 Rich Thompson (SPC)
Greg Carbin (SPC)
John Hart (SPC)
working as a forecaster with NOAA SPC
updated Jul 14 TM
Michael Smith Jackson State University 2019 Kenzie Krocak (CIMMS)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
working at Axiom Consultants Inc.
updated Aug 21 TBM
Jesse Sparks Northern Illinois University 2000 Mike Richman (SoM) working as a short term forecaster with NOAA and FAA in Kansas City, MO
updated Nov 09 TM
Michelle Spencer Metropolitan State University of Denver 2019 Elizabeth Smith (CIMMS)
Petra Klein (SoM)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 19 PB
Sarah (Stalker) Karel St. Cloud State University 2010 Kristin Kulhman (CIMMS)
Heather Lazrus (CIMMS)
Randy Peppler (CIMMS)
Kim Klockow (CAGS)
working as e-learning development specialist for Allina Health
updated Sep 18 TM
Rebecca Steeves North Carolina State University 2012 Dustan Wheatley (CIMMS)
Michael Coniglio (NSSL)
working as research associate at OU CIMMS & NOAA NSSL
updated Aug 18 TM
Stephanie (Stroman) Weiss Valparaiso University 2000 Bob Johns (SPC) working part time as Research Associate with CIMMS, teamed with NSSL
updated Oct 11 TM
Astrid Suarez Western Kentucky University 2009 Heather Reeves (CIMMS)
Mike Coniglio (NSSL)
working as meteorologist for Air Force Technical Applications Center
updated Mar 16 TPM
Aodhan Sweeney Florida State University 2018 Cameron Homeyer (SoM)
Amy McGovern (SoM & CS)
Ryan Lagerquist (SoM)
Thea Sandmæl (SoM)
pursuing graduate degree at Univ. Washington
updated Jul 20 PMM
Bo Tan Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2007 Mike Douglas (NSSL)
Javier Murillo (CIMMS)
John Mejia (CIMMS)
Raquel Orozco (CIMMS)
pursuing graduate degree at Univ. Nevada at Reno starting in fall '08
updated Jun 08 PMM
Adam Taylor University of Nebraska - Lincoln 2011 Jerry Brotzge (CAPS)
Fred Carr (SOM)
working as a software engineer at Raytheon in Omaha on the FAA NextGen Weather program
updated Jan 17 TM
Russell Teabeault University of Oklahoma 1998 Kelvin Droegemeier (CAPS) working as senior software engineer at Twitter
updated Mar 17 TB
Emilia Thedens Luther College 2021 Race Clark (NSSL)
Heather Grams (NSSL)
Steve Martinaitis (CIMMS & NSSL)
pursuing bachelor's degree
updated Nov 21 PB
Blaine Thomas Saint Cloud State University 1999 Don MacGorman (NSSL) working as meteorologist at White Sands Missile Range
updated Nov 11 TM
Cha'Lita Thompson University of Central Oklahoma 2019 Brian Greene (SoM & CASS)
Tyler Bell (SoM & CASS)
Elizabeth Pillar-Little (CASS)
working as analytical chemist with Tronox LLC
updated Aug 19 TBM
Emily Tinney Central Michigan University 2017 James Correia Jr (CIMMS &amp: SPC) pursuing Ph.D. at OU
updated Jan 21 PP
Barbara (Tobey) Boustead Central Michigan University 1999 David Stensrud (NSSL) working as forecaster at NOAA NWS Omaha
updated Aug 14 TP
Jason Tomlinson Valparaiso University 2001 Dave Rust (NSSL) working as a scientist in the Aerial Vehicles Program at PNNL while finishing up his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University
updated Mar 08 PP
Glen Tortorizi   1991   **unknown**
Josh Turner University of Miami 2010 Exchange with City University of New York (CUNY) REU
Brian Vant-Hull (CUNY)
Working as senior data analyst for Four Twenty Seven in Berkeley, California
updated Apr 17 TM
Matthew Van Den Broeke Valparaiso University 2004 Dave Schultz (CIMMS)
Bob Johns (CIMMS)
Jack Hales (SPC)
Jeff Evans (SPC)
working as associate professor at U. Nebraska-Lincoln
updated Jul 17 TP
Robert Van Kleeck Lyndon State College 2017 Brad Illston (OCS)
pursuing M.S. at OU beginningn fall '18
updated Aug 18 PM
Kevin Van Leer Purdue University 2010 John Galantowicz (AER)
working for Risk Management Solutions
updated Jun 13 TM
Jeff Viel Plymouth State University 2009 Tom Connor (AER, Inc.)
Ned Snell (AER, Inc.)
Mark Leidner (AER, Inc.)
working as analyst at EquiPower Resources Corp.; finishing up M.S. at UMASS-Lowell
updated Jun 13 PM
Travis Visco SUNY Oneonta 2009 Kiel Ortega (CIMMS)
V. Lakshmanan (CIMMS)
Travis Smith (CIMMS)
working at Energy Hedge Fund
updated Aug 15 TM
Jonathan Vogel Penn State University 2009 Les Lemon (CIMMS)
Cynthia Van Den Broeke (CIMMS)
Clark Payne (CIMMS)
working at Applied Research Associates
updated Jun 16 TM
Lori Wachowicz Michigan State University 2014   pursuing Ph.D. at University of Georgia
updated Mar 18 PP
Ryann Wakefield Rutgers University 2015 Esther Mullens (SCCSC)
Derek Rosendahl (SCCSC)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
working as Postdoc at CIRES/NOAA GSL starting June 2021
updated Jan 21 TP
Phillip Ware University of North Carolina - Charlotte 2012 Kristin Calhoun (CIMMS)
Kiel Ortega (CIMMS)
Greg Stumpf (CIMMS)
working at NWS Norman
updated May 18 TM
Jacqueline Waters University of Hawai'i at Manoa 2017 Heather Reeves (CIMMS & NSSL)
Alicia Keys (CIMMS & NSSL)
working at Baron Services updated Aug 20 TB
Clifford Watson   1991   **unknown**
Hayden Webb Southwestern Oklahoma State University 2020 Kristin Calhoun (NOAA/NSSL)
Darrel Kingfield (CU/CIRES & NOAA/GSL)
pursuing undergraduate degree
updated Aug 20 PB
Jon Week South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
1995 Kenneth Crawford (OCS) working as integration specialist for a computer software and hardware company
updated Jun 98
Hope-Anne (Weldon) Longwith Jackson State University 2012 Greg Carbin (SPC)
Harold Brooks (NSSL)
pursuing bachelors at JSU
updated Apr 13 PBNT
Cynthia (Whittier) Van Den Broeke Northland College 2004 Kevin Scharfenberg (CIMMS)
Don Burgess (CIMMS)
Paul Schlatter (CIMMS)
working on raising family
updated Jul 20 TM
Grant Williams Oklahoma State University 2014 April Taylor (Chickasaw Nation, Chocktaw Nation of OK, SCCSC)
Renee McPherson (SCCSC)

working as python developer for eLynx Technologies; will resume bachelor's coursework in spring
updated Sep 18 PBM

Chris Wilson Valparaiso University 2008 Kiel Ortega (CIMMS)
working as police officer in Moore, OK
updated Jun 13 TM
Chikage Windler University of Oklahoma 1995 Don MacGorman (NSSL) working as chief meteorologist for KEYE-TV in Austin, TX
updated Oct 15 TMA
Jennifer Winslow   1991   working in the USAF
updated Nov 08 TM
Andrew Winters University of Wisconsin-Madison 2010 Bryan Smith (SPC)
Corey Mead (SPC)
working as faculty, starts fall 2019 as Assistant Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at CU Boulder
updated May 19 TP
Justin Wittrock Iowa State University 2009 Somer Erickson (OU SOM+Comm)
Kelvin Droegemeier (OU SOM, Vice President for Research)
pursuing PhD in physics at George Mason University
updated May 18 PP
Rich Yablonsky North Carolina State University 2000 Scott Green (EVAC) working as catastrophic modeler for AIR Worldwide
updated Oct 15 TP
Melanie Zambron Valparaiso University 2020 David Bodine (OU/ARRC)
Tony Reinhart (NOAA/NSSL)
finishing undergraduate degree and heading to OU for M.S. in fall 2021
updated Mar 21 PB
Jeff Zuczek Cornell 2008 Mark Shafer (OCS)

finished P.S.M. at U. Miami
updated Sep 11 TM-PSM

Friends of REU.....
John Barr University of Oklahoma 2007 OCS Jeff Basara (OCS)
Brad Illston (OCS)
Janice Bytheway California University of Pennsylvania 2004 CASA REU Kevin Kloesel (CAGS) completed Ph.D. CSU
updated Mar 17
Renee Curry University of Oklahoma 2005 CASA REU Mike Biggerstaff (SOM)
Gordon Carrie (SOM)
pursuing Ph.D. at CSU beginning fall '11
updated Apr 11 PP
Marc Dahmer University of Missouri 2003 ORISE Steve Weiss (SPC)
David Bright (SPC)
working as NWS forecaster
Nathan Erickson Iowa State University 2021 AI2ES Montgomery Flora (CIMMS & NSSL; REU14)
Corey Potvin (NSSL; REU03)
working as NWS forecaster
Daniel Fessler Georgia Institute of Technology 2004 CASA REU Kelvin Droegemeier (CAPS)  
Conner Flansburg University of Oklahoma 2021 AI2ES Dimitrios Diochnos (OU CS)  
David John Gagne II University of Oklahoma 2007 CASA REU Amy McGovern (OU Dept of Computer Sci) working as post doc at NCAR
updated Aug 16
Aaron Gleason University of Oklahoma 2007 OCS Jeff Basara (OCS)
Brad Illston (OCS)
Courtney Hanna Millersville University 2004 ORISE David Imy and John Hart (SPC) working in the banking sector
updated Jul 07 TB
Kyle Howe McGill University 2007 CASA REU Jerry Brotzge (CAPS)
Keith Brewster (CAPS)
working as air quality analyst at MetroVancouver in Vancouver BC
updated Nov 16
Andrew Justin University of Oklahoma 2021 NOAA JTTI Grant & AI2ES John Allen (CMU)
Amy McGovern (OU CS & OU SoM)
Allen Logan Lincoln University (MO) 2003 ORISE Dave Imy (SPC)
Steve Corfidi (SPC)
Karen Nielsen OU 2009 OK Space Grant Chris Weaver (OU CSA) working as assistant professor of biostatistics at Georgia State University
updated Aug 19 TP
Margaret (Nitz) Root Pennsylvania State University 2004 ORISE   working at being a mom after earning second M.S. from OU in geology
updated Jun 13
Kaelia Okamura San Diego State University 2021 AI2ES Andy Fagg (OU CS)
Kara Sulia (SUNY Albany ASRC)
Chris Thorncroft (SUNY Albany ASRC)
Nick Bassill (SUNY Albany ASRC)
Joshua Pan Cornell University 2021 AI2ES Andy Fagg (OU CS)
Kara Sulia (SUNY Albany ASRC)
Chris Thorncroft (SUNY Albany ASRC)
Nick Bassill (SUNY Albany ASRC)
Xiaoqian Pan City University of New York 2010 Exchange with CUNY REU
Dr. Bob Rabin (NOAA NSSL), Dr. Eric Hong (OU CEES), and Dr. Brian Vant-Hull (CUNY)
Ashton Robinson Jackson State University 2002 ORISE   completed Ph.D. at OU
updated Dec 14
Jordan Robinson Rhodes College 2021 AI2ES John Allen (CMU)
John Williams (The Weather Company)
Nate Snook (OU CAPS)
Amy McGovern (OU CS & OU SoM)
Randy Chase (OU CS & OU SoM)
Carlos Rodriguez-Rivera University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez 2005 CASA REU Bob Palmer (SOM)  
Cristal Sampson City University of New York (CUNY) 2009 CUNY REU Daphne LaDue (CAPS)
Pam Heinselman (NSSL)
pursuing B.S. at CUNY
updated Aug 09
Vicki (Sankovitch) Bahls Penn State 2003 ORISE Joe Schaefer (SPC)
Jason Levit (SPC)
working at NCAR
updated Aug 16
Lydia Spychalla University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign 2021 AI2ES John Allen (CMU)
John Williams (The Weather Company)
Nate Snook (OU CAPS)
Amy McGovern (OU CS & OU SoM)
Randy Chase (OU CS & OU SoM)
Kar'retta Venable Jackson State University 2005 ORISE David Imy (SPC)
Jared Guyer (SPC)
working as professor
updated Aug 16
Colin Willingham University of Oklahoma 2021 NOAA JTTI Grant & AI2ES John Allen (CMU)
Amy McGovern (OU CS & OU SoM)

Our wonderful, amazing mentors come from many organizations throughout and sometimes beyond the OU Research Campus. Many are housed in what's call the National Weather Center. Here's a quick breakdown of most of them: