NWC REU 2009
May 26 - July 31



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Evaluating Interaction in Visualization Tools in Meteorology

Karen Nielson (Supported by Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium) and Chris Weaver



Meteorological software is rapidly and frequently updated to keep up-to-date with current developments in the field. However, little research has been done concerning the accessibility and efficiency of such tools. In this study, we interviewed three meteorology researchers concerning their usage of the Warning Decision Support System – Integrated Information (WDSS-II) visualization tool, and then observed while completing everyday tasks using the tool. We expected to uncover a wide variety of interaction patterns during these observations. Responses and interactions were also analyzed to find the strengths and limitations of the software. We found that our participants have distinct but overlapping approaches to assigned tasks. Certain features, such as the mouseover readout, were popular with all participants, while other features were used minimally or not at all. Our findings may provide some insight that can be built upon in future studies.

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