Xiao-Ming Hu Xiao-Ming Hu, ID
Senior Research Scientist, CAPS
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Meteorology

4104 NWC, Norman, OK 73072
Email: xhu@ou.edu ; Phone: (405)325-0402
Websites: http://www.caps.ou.edu/~xhu/;
http://xiaominghu.oucreate.com/; Web SOM
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PhD, North Carolina State Univ., Aug. 2008: Incorporation of an aerosol module into WRF/Chem .
MS, Peking Univ., China, 2004
BS, Peking Univ., China, 2001

Research Specialties:
Air pollution/boundary layer/urban meteorology; Atmospheric chemistry; Numerical Weather Prediction

Boundary layer air quality modeling; METR 3513: Atmospheric Chemistry in Weather and Climate

Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, Editor, 2013~present. Outstanding Editor Award
Journal of Meteorological Research, Editor, 2017~present

Publications (ResearcherID/publons ORCID Scopus | | Google_Citation ):
('*' denotes student co-authors)
Huang, Y., M. Xue, X.-M. Hu, et al. Characteristics of Precipitation and Mesoscale Convective Systems over the Peruvian Central Andes in Multi 5-Year Convection-Permitting Simulations. ESS Open Archive . Nov., 2023. doi:10.22541/essoar.170000370.07634797
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