NWC REU 2020
May 26 - July 31



NOTE: This calendar is a copy for archive purposes. Refer to calendar invites and to the online calendar you were sent a link to for the most up-to-date information!

Last updated 7/21/20


Week 1:
May 26 - May 29

Tuesday May 26 Welcome Session for REU Students & Mentors (online)
  • 11-11:40am — Small Group Welcome Sessions
  • 11:45-12:30 — Whole Group Session w/Introductions
Wednesday May 27 Independent Research

8am-5pmCT — Any time during these hours, contact for assistance or join the Live session at 11amCT

11am-noon & 1-2pm — Optional: Office Hours — Prepare your computer for the computer skills workshop! Software set-up - live help

noon-1pm — Science Communications I: Reading Journal Articles, Dr. Elinor Martin (online)
Thursday May 28 Independent Research

10-11am — Virtual tour of NWS Norman, Randy Bowers (online)

11am-2pm — Software Carpentry I: Unix/Bash, Dr. Mark Laufersweiler and Dr. Amanda Schilling (online)
  • 11:00 — Automating tasks with the Unix shell
  • 12:30 — 10 min break
  • 12:40 — Automating tasks with the Unix shell continued
  • 2pmCT — end
Friday May 29 Independent Research

10-2pm — Software Carpentry II: Python, Dr. Mark Laufersweiler and Dr. Amanda Schilling (online)
  • 10am — Plotting and programming in Python
  • 12 — 15 min break
  • Plotting and Programming in Python continued
  • 2pm — post-wokrshop survey; end


Week 2:
June 1 - June 5

Monday June 1 Independent Research

11am-12:30pm — What to Expect in REU, Joel McAuliffe, Melanie Schroers, and Elisa Murillo (online)

(after) — Monday check-in
Tuesday June 2 Independent Research

11am-12:30pm — Library Skills Workshop, Dr. Amanda Schilling and Christine Reed (online)

Wednesday June 3 Independent Research

10am–noon — Self Care & Imposter Syndrome, Dr. Barb Boustead and Ryann Wakefield (online)

11:30-12:30CT — OPTIONAL: via USF's REU: 2019 Hurricane Activity: An Above-Average North Atlantic and Below-Average Eastern North Pacific Season, Dr. Kimberly Wood (Mississippi State U), online via USF
Thursday June 4 Independent Research

11-noon — Radar Innovation Lab tour, Dr. Bob Palmer (online)

noon-1pm — Thursday check-in

Friday June 5 Independent Research

11am-1pm — Anti-harassment and Discrimination Workshop, Dr. Daphne LaDue (online)


Week 3:
June 8 - June 12

Monday June 8 Independent Research

11am-noon — Seminar: Mesonet Data Tales, Cindy Luttrell (online)

noon — What the 30-sec Talks Are All About (online)
Tuesday June 9 Independent Research

11am-noon — Tour of NSSL, Charles Kuster (online)
Wednesday June 10 Independent Research

11am-1pm — Seminar: Event Safety, Dr. Kevin Kloesel (online)
Thursday June 11 11-11:30amCT — Small Group 30-Second Practice Talks

11:30am-noonCT — All, 30-Sec Practice Talk with Whole Group

Independent Research
Friday June 12 Independent Research

11am-noon — NSSL's Field Equipment Tour, Dr. Sean Waugh (online)


Week 4:
June 15 - June 19

Monday June 15 Independent Research

11:30-12:30pm — Tour of SPC, Dr. Ashton Robinson-Cook (online)

Tuesday June 16 Independent Research

noon-1pm — Scientific Communication Series: Creating Effective Graphics, Dr. Patrick Skinner (online)
Wednesday June 17 Independent Research

11:30-12:30CT — OPTIONAL: via USF's REU: Why Should we Care About Tornado Debris?, Dr. John Knox (University of Georgia Athens), online via USF
Thursday June 18 Independent Research

noon-1pm — Thursday Check-in with Program Directors (online)

3-4:30pm — Getting Started Writing, Dr. Amanda Kis (online)
Friday June 19 Independent Research

11-noon — Seminar: NOAA/NSSL & CIMMS's Social Science Efforts, Dr. Kim Klockow-McClain (online)


Week 5:
June 22 - June 26

Monday June 22h Independent Research

11am-noon — Seminar: TORUS, Dr. Mike Coniglio (online)

5-6pm — OPTIONAL: Informal Talk Tornado Survivor Story Research Grant, Dr. Daphne LaDue (online)
Tuesday June 23 Independent Research
Wednesday June 24 Independent Research

11-noon — Seminar: Applied Research / Research-to-Operations in NOAA's Hazardous Weather Testbed, Dr. Kodi Berry (online)
Thursday June 25
Independent Research

11am-12:30pm — 5-min Practice Talks, Session I

(from end of above)-1pm — Thursday Check-in (online)

Friday June 26
Independent Research

11am-12:30pm — 5-min Practice Talks, Session II

OPTIONAL: Movie Night! (online)


Week 6:
June 29 - July 3

Monday June 29 Independent Research

11am-noon — Seminar: Extreme Events in the Great Plains, Dr. Jeff Basara (online)

noon-12:30pm — Small Group Chat (online)
Tuesday June 30 Independent Research

4:30-5:30pm — Small Group Chat (online)
Wednesday July 1 Independent Research

9-9:30am — Small Group Chat (online)

** First Writing Deadline **
Description: Write and submit literature and methods sections and submit to mentors today

11am-noon — Seminar: Warn-on-Forecast Probabilistic Tornado Forecasts, Dr. Nusrat Yussouf (online)
Thursday July 2 Independent Research

11am-noon — Networking with Mentors (online)

noon-1pm — Thursday Check-in (online)
Friday July 3 July 4 Holiday (observed) — Take the day off!


Week 7:
July 6 - July 10

Monday July 6 Independent ResearchK

11am-12:30pm — Applying to Graduate School / OU's School of Meteorology, Dr. Cameron Homeyer (online)
Tuesday July 7 Independent Research

**Mentors return feedback on draft by today**
Wednesday July 8 Independent Research
Thursday July 9 Independent Research

11am-noon — OPTIONAL: How to Use LaTeX, Melanie Schroers (online)

noon-12:30pm — Small Group Check-in (online)

**Students resubmit to mentors today**
Friday July 10 Independent Research


Week 8:
July 13 - July 17

Monday July 13 Independent Research

3-4:30pm — Finishing & Revising, Dr. Amanda Kis (online)
Tuesday July 14 Independent Research

noon-12:30pm — Small Group Check-in (online)

3-4pm — OPTIONAL: Succeeding in Graduate School, via UAH REU, Dr. Sundar Christopher (online)
Wednesday July 15 11:30-12:30CT — OPTIONAL: via USF's REU: What it Takes to Build a Weather-Ready Nation, Dr. Louis Uccellini (NOAA/NWS), online via USF

Independent Research

Thursday July 16 Independent Research

noon-12:30pm — Small Group Check-in (online)

3-4:30pm — OPTIONAL: Research Careers / Building Your Network, via UAH REU, Dr. Elise Schultz (online)
Friday July 17 Independent Research

4:30-5pm — Small Group Check-in (online)

** Complete draft due **
Description: First "complete" draft in the sense of having all likely sections identified and something written in each section. Writing can be as vague as "after I finish x calculations those results will go here" or, the writing could be more of a true draft, such as description of preliminary findings on what you have so far.


Week 9:
July 20 - July 24

Monday July 20 Independent Research

noon-1pm — Whole Group Check-in (online)

2-3pm — OPTIONAL: Making Effective Poster Presentations, via UAH REU, Ryan Wade (online)
Tuesday July 21 Independent Research
Wednesday July 22 Independent Research
Thursday July 23 Independent Research

11am-12:30pm — NWC REU & Norman Hollings 2020 Students
Final Talks Session I, Moderators: Kelsey Britt and Elisa Murillo
  • Tornadoes in the Southeast United States: Investigating the Relationship between Intensity, Damage, and Terrain - Melanie Zambron, REU2020 & Valparaiso University. Dr. David Bodine, OU/ARRC, Dr. Tony Reinhart, OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NSSL.
  • The Effects of Extratropical Transition on Tornado Production in Hurricanes - Neil Crosby, REU2020 & Jackson State University. Dr. Ben Schenkel, OU/CIMMS.
  • Understanding the Correlation Between NWS Impact-Based Flash Flood Warning Categories and Various NWS Flash Flood Tools - America Gaviria-Pabón, REU2020 & University of Puerto Rico. Jill Hardy, OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NWS/WDTD, Dr. JJ Gourley, NOAA/NSSL, Todd Lindley, NOAA/NWS/NWSFO.
  • Uncertainty Estimation of MRMS v12 Radar QPE - Henry Santer, REU2020 & University of Maryland. Dr. Heather Grams, NOAA/NSSL.
Friday July 24 Independent Research

noon-1:30pm — NWC REU & Norman Hollings 2020 Students
Final Talks Session II, Moderators: Bryony Puxley, Elisa Murillo, and Melanie Schroers
  • An Investigation into the Characteristics of Lightning as it Interacts with Towers - Hayden Webb, REU2020 & Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Dr. Kristin Calhoun, NOAA/NSSL, Dr. Darrel Kingfield, NOAA/GSDL.
  • Radar Rainfall Estimates vs. Oklahoma Mesonet Rainfall Measurements - Michael Lavallee, REU2020 & Texas A&M University. Dr. Brad Illston, OCS.
  • Near Surface Meteorological Impacts: Resulting from a Total Solar Eclipse - E'lysha Guerrero, REU2020 & San Jose State University. Dr. Brad Illston, OCS.
  • Decoding the Stable Boundary Layer: Comparing Lower Atmosphere Dynamics of Alaska and Finland - Jordan Robinson, REU2020 & Rhodes College. Brian Greene, OU/SoM & OU/CASS & OU/ARRC, Dr. Liz Pillar-Little, OU/SoM & OU/CASS. Francesca Lappin, OU/SoM & OU/CASS.
  • Quantifying the Stable Boundary Layer Depth in the Arctic Region of Northern Finland - Theresa Lincheck, REU2020 & Cleveland State University. Brian Greene, OU/SoM & OU/CASS & OU/ARRC, Dr. Liz Pillar-Little, OU/SoM & OU/CASS. Francesca Lappin, OU/SoM & OU/CASS.


Week 10:
July 27 - July 31

TBD — Final activities this week might include: Grad Students On Applying to Graduate School; Career Talks;
Monday July 27 Independent Research

11am-noon — Mock Poster Session, Dr. Cameron Homeyer, Dr. Jason Furtado, Charles Kuster, Madeline Wade (online)

noon-1:30pm — NWC REU & Norman Hollings 2020 Students
Final Talks Session III, Moderators: Kelsey Britt and Melanie Schroers
  • The Impact of Tornadoes on Local Economies - Dennis Weaver, NOAA Hollings Scholar & Central Michigan University. Dr. Harold Brooks, OU/NSSL, Dr. Kim Klockow-McClain OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NSSL, Alan Gerard, NOAA/NSSL.
  • Creating and Exploring a Climatology of SPC Watch Products - Kallan Parker, NOAA Hollings Scholar & Penn State University. Dr. Burkely T. Gallo OU/CIMMS & NOAA/SPC, Bryan Smith, NOAA/SPC.
  • Simple Climate Models: Daisyworld and Potential for Classroom Instruction - Audrey Brandon, REU2020 & Central Methodist University. Dr. John Snow, OU/SoM.
  • Rapid Urbanization, Changing Croplands and Increasing Population Health Vulnerabilities in the China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor - Hope Judkins, REU2020 & University of Alabama - Huntsville. Dr. Kirsten de Beurs, OU/DGES.
  • A 180-year Climatology of Severe Weather Environments in the United States - Hope Skypek, REU2020 & University of Georgia. Dr. Harold Brooks, OU/NSSL. Dr. Kimberly Hoogewind, OU/CIMMS & NOAA/NSSL.
Tuesday July 28
Independent Research

11am-1pm — Career Talks:
  • Forecasting with the NWS, Matthew Campbell (REU 2015; Wilmington OH), Stef Henry (REU 2007; Boise), Philip Ware (REU 2012; Norman)
  • Professional Training Careers at CIMMS & WDTD, Jill Hardy (CIMMS)
  • Consulting in Forensic Meteorology, Dr. Alicia Wasula (REU 1998)
  • Private Weather Forecasting, Matt Saari (Baron Services)
Wednesday July 29 Independent Research

11am-1pm — Career Talks:
  • Aviation Meteorology, Jonathan Leffler (NWS AWC)
  • Southwest Airlines, Tabitha Kloss (SWA)
  • Applied Research: NOAA's Arctic Testbed, Becca Mazur (REU 2003; NWS Alaska Region)
  • Private Sector: REsurity, Dr. Jennifer Newman (REU 2008; REsurity)
Thursday July 30
Independent Research

11am-1pm — Career Talks:
  • Applied Research, Eric Aligo (REU 2000; EMC)
  • Nuggets of Wisdom, Lewis Kanofsky (NWS)
  • Private Forecasting, Joseph Bauer (Accuweather)
  • Applied Research, Eric Guillot (REU 2007; NWS HQ)
Friday July 31
Final Activities

11am-noon — Applying to Graduate School From the Student Perspective: Massey Bartolini (REU 2015; SUNY Albany), Erica Bower (REU 2018; Stony Brook), Sarah McCorkle (REU 2018; Wyoming), Lori Wachowicz (REU 2014; UGA), and Francesca Lappin (REU 2017; OU)

Emergency Management & Weather:
noon-12:30pm — Dr. Maribel Martinez-Meija (EM Director, City of Ft. Worth)
12:30-1pm — Dr. Somer Erickson (FEMA)

4-5pm — REU Send Off

** Final Paper Due **

** Last Day of REU! **