NWC REU 2019
May 21 - July 30

Last updated 7/26/19



Week 1:
May 20 - May 24

Monday May 20 *Arrive in Norman by 4-6pm on Monday, May 20

~6:30pm — Group dinner and WalMart trip
Tuesday May 21st 9-10am — Get IDs, parking passes

10-11am — Michelle meet with mentor
Discuss logistical items and welcome to the program (TBD)

11:45-1:15pm — Welcome Lunch for REU Students & Mentors (5600)

1:30-3pm — National Weather Center Tour, Patrick Hyland, meet in the Outreach Room (next to front desk)
3:30pm — Radar Innovation Lab Tour
Wednesday May 22nd Independent Research

1-2pm — Office Hours: Prepare your computer for the computer skills workshop!
(What to Expect moved to Friday due to PDS Tornado Watch and opp to observe weather remotely or in situ)
Thursday May 23rd Independent Research

1-2pm — Computer Skills Workshop I (5720)
Friday May 24th
Independent Research

10-11:30am — Computer Skills Workshop II (5720)
11:30am-12:30pm — Lunch together
12:30-2pm — Computer Skills Workshop III (5720)
2:30-4pm — What to Expect in REU, Panel of Recent REU Alums: Emily Tinney, Melanie Schroers,... (5600)


Saturday, May 25, 4pm-dusk: Sausage and Beer FEST

Ongoing activities:


Week 2:
May 27 - 31

Monday May 27th Memorial Day (Holiday)
Tuesday May 28th Independent Research
Wednesday May 29th Independent Research
Thursday May 30th 8:30-9:30am — Scientific Communication Series I: Reading Literature, Dr. Elinor Martin (NWC 3910)
Independent Research
5:30-7pm - Campus Research Intern Meet-up (NWC Atrium)
Friday May 31st
Independent Research

11:30am-1pm Friday Happenings, this week a seminar or general discussion; These are always Brown Bag Lunches, meaning bring your own lunch! (NWC 5930)
1-3pm — Library Tour (NWC Library; all)

This weekend:

Ongoing activities:

Week 3:
June 3 - June 7

Monday June 3rd Independent Research

Tuesday June 4th Independent Research

2pm — Security Briefing (NWC 2410; REU+Hollings)
Wednesday June 5th Independent Research

Thursday June 6th Independent Research
Friday June 7th
Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings: Brown bag lunch (bring your own lunch; 11:30-noon), Security Briefing (noon-12:30), & Scientific Communication II: What Our 30-Sec Talks Are All About with Dr. Daphne LaDue (5600)
1-3pm — Dealing With the Impostor Syndrome & Self-Care Strategies (5600)


This week/weekend:


Week 4:
June 10 - June 14

Monday June 10th Independent Research

noon-1pm — Networking Lunch (REU+Hollings+Mentors in both programs; NWC 3910)

Tuesday June 11th Independent Research

1-2pm — Seminar: Mobile Radar Studies of Tornadoes, Dr. Jeff Snyder, (NWC 4140)
Wednesday June 12th Independent Research

Thursday June 13th Independent Research
10:30am-noon — 30-sec Practice Talks (REU+REU Mentors only; NWC 3910)
Friday June 14th Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings, Seminar @noon: Mesonet Data Tales by Cindy Luttrell (REU, 5600)


This weekend:


Week 5:
June 17 - June 21

Monday June 17th Independent Research
Tuesday June 18th Independent Research

1-3pm — Workshop: Anti-harassment and Discrimination, Dr. Daphne LaDue (all welcome; NWC 4140)

Wednesday June 19th Independent Research

1-2pm — Seminar: Large Event Venue Safety, Dr. Kevin Kloesel (NWC 5600)

Thursday June 20th
Independent Research

noon-1pm — OPTIONAL: Getting Spun Up With LaTeX Session (Stephenson Research Building, just north of the NWC, in the CORE Classroom; bring your laptop!! Plan to eat before or after because food is not allowed in the classroom.)
Friday June 21st
Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings: Midsummer Chat with the Director & Intro to the 5-min Talks (REU only; 5600)


This weekend:


Week 6:
June 24 - June 28

Monday June 24th Independent Research
Tuesday June 25th Independent Research

1-2pm — Seminar: Scientific Communication Series III: Creating Effective Graphics with Dr. Patrick Skinner (5600)
Wednesday June 26th Independent Research
Thursday June 27th Independent Research

FYI: 8a-3p — Conference room 1313 and 1350 are available to practice 5-min talks. We'll post a signup sheet outside of 4222.
Friday June 28th Independent Research

9a-noon — 5-min Practice Talks (NWC 1313)
noon-1p — Friday Happenings: Decompress from the talks by eating lunch with the group

**Mid-summer writing deadline; bring draft to the workshop**

2-3:30pm — Scientific Communication IV: Peer Review of Your Literature/Methods Drafts facilitated by Dr. Kristin Calhoun (CStephenson Research Building just north of the NWC, in the CORE Classroom)


This weekend:


Week 7:
July 1 - July 5

Monday July 1st Independent Research
Tuesday July 2nd Independent Research

Wednesday July 3rd Independent Research
***Draft due to mentor***
Thursday July 4th (Holiday) July 4, Norman Day Celebration
Friday July 5th Independent Research


Week 8:
July 8 - July 12

Monday July 8th Independent Research
Tuesday July 9th Independent Research

4-5pm — Seminar: Dr. Cameron Homeyer on his research program (5600)
Wednesday July 10th Independent Research

Thursday July 11th Independent Research

1-2pm — Seminar: Dr. Mike Coniglio on TORUS (5600)
Friday July 12th Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings: Scientific Communication Series V & VI: Fireside Chat on Scientific Presentations w/Dr. Kim Elmore and Creating Scientific Posters (5600)


Week 9:
July 15 - July 19

Monday July 15th Independent Research

11-noon — Seminar: Characterizing Chemical and Physical Weathering Signatures in Different Endmember Climate Regimes, Dr. Gerilyn Soreghan and Dr. Megan Elwood-Madden (5930)

1-2:30pm — Scientific Communication Series VII: Editing & Finishing with Dr. Kristin Calhoun and others (The CORE in Stephenson)
Tuesday July 16th Independent Research
Wednesday July 17th Independent Research

Thursday July 18th Independent Research

Friday July 19th Independent Research
11:30-1p — Friday Happenings (REU, 5600)
**Send talk title to REU Assistant Director by 10am**
By end of day — **Full Draft of Paper Due to Mentor**


This weekend:


Week 10+:
July 22 - July 31

Monday July 22nd Independent Research
Tuesday July 23rd
Independent Research

9a-3p — 1313 is reserved for Practice Talks, sign up for a time

Wednesday July 24th Independent Research

9a-3p — 1313 is reserved for Practice Talks, sign up for a time
Thursday July 25th
8:30-4:30pm — REU & Hollings Final Talks, AMS Conference Style (NWC 1313)

Friday July 26th
Independent Research

**Bullet points due start of business**

11:30-1pm — All About OU's School of Meteorology Graduate Program, Dr. Cameron Homeyer (NWC 5600)
Last Weekend in Norman, boo hoo!

Monday July 29th **Papers Due to the Program by Close of Business**

5:20pm — NWS Balloon Launch, Phil Ware (REU 2012; Meet by Security Desk)

Afterward — informal dinner as a group
Tuesday July 30th Final Day Activities
9-9:30am —  Clean up office, return library books and anything else borrowed, etc.

9:30-11:30am — Career Talks (Amber Liggett, Millersville's Master of Science in Integrated Scientific Applications programs; Jordan Van Auken, private sector forecasting; Jill Hardy, professional teaching; Dr. Elinor Martin, university teaching; NWC 4140)

noon - 1:30pm — Final Lunch (REU only; provided; NWC Atrium)

1:30-3pm — Grad Student Perspectives and Experiences in Applying to Graduate School (Tyler Young, Francesca Lappin, David Nowicki, Melanie Schroers, and Emily Tinney; NWC 5600)

3-4pm — Scientific Communication Series VIII: Mentor Poster Session / What Scientific Poster Sessions are All About (Ben Schenkel, Charles Kuster, Aaron Johnson, and Daphne LaDue; NWC 5600)
Wednesday July 31st Depart for home