NWC REU 2017
May 22 - July 28

Last updated 7/27/17

This is the final schedule and will stay online for the record.

Week 1:
May 22 - May 26

Monday May 22nd *Arrive in Norman on Sunday, May 21

Sunday evening, time TBD— Group dinner and WalMart trip

Meet @NWC by 9am — Logistics incl ID pictures, Travel Reimbursements (REU only)

noon - 1:30pm — Welcome Lunch, NWC Obs Deck (REU only)

1:30 - 5pm — Independent Meetings with Mentors (meet w/mentors, start your research!); Finish any logistical items

Tuesday May 23rd 9:15-9:45am — How to Read Scientific Literature, NWC 5930

9:45-10:30am — The Travel Claim Process, NWC 5930 (REU only)

Independent Research

2-3pm — What to Expect in REU (or any 10-week research experience), NWC 5930

3pm - end of day — National Weather Center Tour, Pat Hyland, meet in the Outreach Room (next to front desk)

Wednesday May 24th 9:15-9:45am — Radar Innovation Laboratory tour, meet in RIL lobby

10-noon — Hands-on activity, RIL

Independent Research

1p-3p — Office Hours help installing python on personal laptops (if needed), NWC 5720
Thursday May 25th 1pm - 4pm — Hands-on Computing Workshop: Unix/LINUX, Python, taught by Tim Supinie, Greg Blumberg, Nick Szapiro, NWC 5720
Friday May 26th
Independent Research

1:30 - 2:30pm — Tour of South Central Climate Science Center, led by Renee McPherson, Emma Kuster

This weekend / Memorial Day weekend!

Ongoing activities:


Week 2:
May 29 - June 2

Monday May 29th Memorial Day (Holiday)
Tuesday May 30th Independent Research
Wednesday May 31st Independent Research

9-9:40am — Security Briefing, NWC 2410

9:45-10:30am — Library Tour, Christine Lippucci, NWC Library

Thursday June 1st Independent Research

*possible talk some time today, will email/message about it
Friday June 2nd
Independent Research

11:30am-1pm Friday Happenings: This week's theme is a general check-in, with possible topics of graduate school, GRE, careers, and seminar/tour ideas for this summer. All welcome, NWC 5930

4-6pm — Summer Interns: Meet & Greet, NWC Atrium

This weekend:

Ongoing activities:

Week 3:
June 5 - June 9

Monday June 5th Independent Research
Tuesday June 6th Independent Research
Wednesday June 7th Independent Research

1pm — Optional!! NWA Webinar Applying to the NWS, Room TBA
Thursday June 8th Independent Research

1pm — Tales From Maintaining a High-Quality Mesonet, Cindy Luttrell, NWC 5600
Friday June 9th
Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings with Dr. Kim Elmore on the mPING project and quick briefing on the 30-second talks, NWC 5930

This week/weekend:

Week 4:
June 12 - June 16

Monday June 12th Independent Research
Tuesday June 13th 9-10am — Enhanced Tour of WFO Norman

Independent Research

1pm — Tour/Conversation with Weather Decision Technologies, 3PP
Wednesday June 14th Independent Research

noon - 1pm: Networking Lunch for all students & their mentors, Room 5600

1-2pm: 30-sec Practice Talks, Room 5600 (REU+)
Thursday June 15th Independent Research
Friday June 16th - Saturday June 17th Independent Research

Ethics Training Friday - Saturday, 9am-3pm each day (REU only)

This weekend:

Week 5:
June 19 - June 23

Monday June 19th Independent Research
Tuesday June 20th 9-10am — OU's Environmental Sustainability Graduate Program, Dr. Scott Greene, NWC 5930

Independent Research
Wednesday June 21st Independent Research
Thursday June 22nd
Independent Research
Friday June 23rd
Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings: Basics of Climate Change Science, Dr. Elinor Martin & Dr. Jason Furtado, NWC 5930


Week 6:
June 26 - June 30

Monday June 26th Independent Research
Tuesday June 27th noon - 1pm: Networking Lunch for all students & their mentors, Room 5600

1-4pm: 5-min Practice Talks with Q&A, NWC 1313 (REU+)

Independent Research
Wednesday June 28th Independent Research
Thursday June 29th Independent Research

1pm — Skype with Josh Turner about what it's like to work in a start-up, NWC 4140
Friday June 30th Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings: Mid-Summer Chat w/The Director, NWC 5930


Week 7:
July 3 - July 7

Monday July 3rd Independent Research

Mid-summer Writing Deadline
Tuesday July 4th (Holiday) July 4, Norman Day Celebration: http://www.normanok.gov/parks/4th-july-norman-day-0
Wednesday July 5th Independent Research

1-2pm — Informal Science Communication, Dr. Elinor Martin, location TBD
Thursday July 6th Independent Research
Friday July 7th Independent Research

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings: Day in the Life of an SPC Forecaster, Dr. Ariel Cohen, NWC 5930

4-5p — Workshop on how to Create Posters for Scientific Presentation, Michael Faneros, 5PP Rm 3201 (VPR's Conference Room)


Week 8:
July 10 - July 14

Monday July 10th Independent Research
Tuesday July 11th 11-11:45 — Seminar: Radar-Based Tornado Research, Dr. David Bodine, NWC 5930

Independent Research

3-4pm — (Optional; same event as Thursday) NSF Webinar on Applying for Graduate Research Fellowships, NWC 2910A (can be done from your desk)
Wednesday July 12th Independent Research
Thursday July 13th Science-A-Thon Day!! Follow REU on Twitter at @fcst70. Follow the rest of Science-A-Thon by searching on hashtags #scienceathon and #IAmAScientist

Independent Research

3-4pm — (Optional, same event as Tuesday) NSF Webinar on Applying for Graduate Research Fellowships, NWC 4140 (can be done from your desk)
Friday July 14th Independent Research

11:00-11:30 — Dr. Patrick Skinner on Creating Graphics for Presentations and Talks, NWC 5930

11:30-1p — Friday Happenings, Seminar: Lightning Activity and How it Relates to Storm Microphysics and Kinematics, Liz DiGangi, NWC 5930, NWC 5930


Week 9:
July 17 - July 21

Monday July 17th Independent Research

Tuesday July 18th Independent Research
Wednesday July 19th Independent Research

Practice Presentations, see printed schedule (to be made), NWC 1313 & 1350
Thursday July 20th Independent Research

Practice Presentations, see printed schedule (to be made), NWC 1313 & 1350
Friday July 21st (all day) Final Presentations, NWC 1313


Week 10+:
July 24 - July 28

Monday July 24th Independent Research
Tuesday 25th
10-11:30 — Applying to Graduate School, Dr. Parsons and Christie Upchurch, NWC 5930

Independent Research
Wednesday July 26th 7:30-9am — Tour of ROC and 88D Radar

Independent Research

**Bullet Points Due End of Business** (REU only)
Thursday July 27th
Independent Research

*Optional opportunity to present at OU Undergraduate Research Forum*
Friday July 28th
**Papers Due Start of Business** (REU only)


Final Day Activities 9-10am — Clean up office, return library books and anything else borrowed, etc.

10:30-11:30am — Graduate Students on Applying to Graduate School, NWC 5600

11:30-1p — Final Lunch for Students & Mentors (REU only)

2-3pm — Mentor Poster Session, NWC 3910

3-4pm — Career Panel, NWC 5930