NWC REU 2016
May 23 - July 29

This is the final schedule and will stay online for the record.

Week 1:
May 23 - May 27

Monday May 23rd *Arrive in Norman on Sunday, May 22

6:30 pm Sunday — Group dinner at Hideaway Pizza


9am - 10am — Logistics, ID pictures, Travel Reimbursements

10am - 11:30am — National Weather Center Tour (Pat Hyland)

noon - 1:30pm — Welcome Lunch (location TBD)

1:30 - 5pm — Independent Meetings with Mentors
Tuesday May 24th 11-noon — What to Expect in REU

Otherwise, Independent Research (meet w/mentors, start your research!)
Wednesday May 25th 9am - 4pm — Software Carpentry
Thursday May 26th 9am - noon — Software Carpentry

1pm - 5:30pm — Independent Research
Friday May 27th 9am - 4pm — Software Carpentry; bring a dataset

4:30 - 5:30pm — Take notes on how you envision applying what you learned


Week 2:
May 30 - June 3

Monday May 30th Memorial Day (Holiday)
Tuesday May 31st Independent Research
Wednesday June 1st 11am-noon Optional — NWA Webinar How to Make a Great Poster, NWC 4140
Thursday June 2nd Independent Research
Friday June 3rd Independent Research

11:30-noon — Security Briefing

noon-1:30pm — Friday Happenings, brown bag lunches + (sci comm, career building, etc.)


Week 3:
June 6 - June 10

Monday June 6th Independent Research

noon-3pm — Kessler Atmospheric and Ecological Field Station Trip
Tuesday June 7th Independent Research
Wednesday June 8th Independent Research
Thursday June 9th Independent Research
Friday June 10th
Independent Research

noon-1:30pm — Ariel Cohen Severe Weather Forecasting


Week 4:
June 13 - June 17

Monday June 13th Independent Research
Tuesday June 14th Independent Research
Wednesday June 15th Independent Research

1pm Seminar — Kevin Van Leer, RMS
Thursday June 16th Independent Research

11:30-1pm — 30-second Elevator Talk Practice, NWC 5720
Friday June 17th Independent Research

noon-1:30pm — Friday Happenings, brown bag lunches + (sci comm, career building, etc.)


Week 5:
June 20 - June 24

Monday June 20th Independent Research

11am-noon Seminar — Jeff Snyder, OU CIMMS/NOAA NSSL
Tuesday June 21st Independent Research
Wednesday June 22nd Responsible Conduct of Research / Professional Ethics Training, Day 1
Thursday June 23rd Responsible Conduct of Research / Professional Ethics Training, Day 2
Friday June 24th
Independent Research

noon-1:30pm — Friday Happenings, Dr. Paul Markowski, PSU, Advice and Discussion about Science; short Scientific Communication Workshop: Preparing and Giving Oral Presentations


Week 6:
June 27 - July 1

Monday June 27th Independent Research
Tuesday June 28th 9am-11:30am — 5-min Practice Talks + Q&A

11:30-1pm — Networking Lunch

Independent Research
Wednesday June 29th Independent Research
Thursday June 30th Independent Research

10-11am Seminar — Hydrometeorology by JJ Gourley, NOAA/NSSL
Friday July 1st Independent Research

noon-1:30pm — Friday Happenings, brown bag lunches + (sci comm, career building, etc.)


Week 7:
July 4 - July 8

Monday July 4th July 4 Holiday
Tuesday July 5th Independent Research
Wednesday July 6th Independent Research

1-2pm Scientific Communication — Writing Seminar w/Dave Parsons, OU SoM
Thursday July 7th Independent Research

noon-1pm — Informal Scientific Communication w/Elinor Martin, OU SoM
Friday July 8th Independent Research

11:30-1pm — Networking Lunch w/ Mentors and Hollings Scholars


Week 8:
July 11 - July 15

Monday July 11th Independent Research

1-2pm — About Graduate School w/Dave Parsons and Christie Upchurch, OU SoM
Tuesday July 12th Independent Research
Wednesday July 13th Independent Research
Thursday July 14th Independent Research
Friday July 15th Independent Research

12:30-2pm — Personal Statement Workshop w/Elinor Martin & Panel of OU SoM Professors
**Saturday July 16th** All Day, Optional: Field trip to Southwest Airlines in Dallas and the West Gulf River Forecast Center in Ft. Worth


Week 9:
July 18 - July 22

Monday July 18th Independent Research

Tuesday July 19th Independent Research
Wednesday July 20th Independent Research

9-11am — come-and-go opportunity to run a mobile radar
Thursday July 21st Independent Research

11-noon — Skype w/Tulsa Partners
Friday July 22nd Independent Research

noon-1pm — Friday Happenings, brown bag lunches + (sci comm, career building, etc.)


Week 10:
July 25 - July 29

Monday July 25th Practice Day for Final Talks

Independent Research
Tuesday July 26th
All day: Final Talks
Wednesday July 27th 7:30-9am — Radar Operations Center tour

Independent Research

Thursday July 28th
Independent Research

Bullet Points Due by Start of Business Today!!
Friday July 29th
Papers Due by Start of Business Today!!

Last Day of Activities

up to 10am — Clean up offices

10-11am — Career Panel

11am-noon — Mock Poster Session

noon-2pm — Final REU Lunch w/Students and Mentors

2-3pm — Graduate Student Panel


Depart Norman on Saturday, July 30