NWC REU 2011
May 23 - July 29

Week 1:
May 23 - May 27

Monday May 23rd Arrive in Norman by Sunday evening, May 22

First Day!!

9a ID pictures, travel claims, NWC 4140

10a OU Tour, meet atrium

1:30p NOAA Tour, meet outreach room

2:30p Building Briefing, NWC 2410

3:00p find offices/mentors, drive around Norman a bit
Tuesday May 24th 9a-5:30p: Independent Research*

*9a (NOAA-mentored students only) meet w/ Sterling
Wednesday May 25th 9a: What to Expect in REU, by former REUers, NWC 3910 (REU only)

10a-11:30a: Independent Research

11:30-1p: Welcome Picnic, NWC Patio (REU+Mentors only)

1p-5:30p: Independent Research
Thursday May 26th 9a-3:30p: Responsible Conduct of Research workshop, NWC 5930 (REU required)

3:30-5:30p: Independent Research
Friday May 27th 9a-3:30p: Responsible Conduct of Research workshop, NWC 5930 (REU required)

3:30-5:30p: Independent Research


Week 2:
May 30 - June 3

Tuesday May 31st 9a-5:30p: Independent Research
Wednesday June 1st 9a-5:30p: Independent Research
Thursday June 2nd 9a-2p: Independent Research

2-3:30p: REU Bullsession I, NWC 3910 (REU only; required)

3:30p-5:30p: Independent Research
Friday June 3rd 9a-5:30p: Independent Research


Week 3:
June 6 - June 10

Monday June 6th 9a-5:30p: Independent Research

2p-5p: MATLAB Workshop, Mr. David Bodine, NWC 5720 (one REUer must go; optional for rest, need RSVPs)
Tuesday June 7th 9a-5:30p: Independent Research
Wednesday June 8th 9a-12:30p: Independent Research

1p-2p: Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series: Damage Surveys & Service Assessment Process, Mr. James LaDue, NWC 5930 (REU; others welcome)

2p-5:30p*: Independent Research

*optional: 2-4p: Statistics Workshop, Dr. Mike Richman & Dr. Kim Elmore, NWC 5720 (two REUers must go; optional for rest, need RSVPs for handouts)
Thursday June 9th 9a-5:30p: Independent Research

1p-2:30p: Elevator Talks, NWC 3910 (REU+mentors only; required)
Friday June 10th
9a-5:30p: Independent Research


Week 4:
June 13 - June 17

Monday June 13th 9a-5:30p: Independent Research
Tuesday June 14th 9a-1p: Independent Research

1-3p: Scientific Communication, Part I, NWC 3910 (REU required; others RSVP)

3-5:30p: Independent Research
Wednesday June 15th 9a-11a: Independent Research

11a-noon: Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series: Research Agendas & Funding Priorities,

Dr. Harold Brooks & Mr. Kevin Kelleher, NWC 2410 (REU required; others welcome)

noon-1p: Networking Lunch, NWC 5600 (REU+Hollings, students+mentors)

1-3p: Scientific Communication, Part II, NWC 3910 (REU required; others RSVP)

3-5:30p: Independent Research
Thursday June 16th 9a-5:30p: Independent Research
Friday June 17th 9a-5:30p: Independent Research


Week 5:
June 20 - June 24

Monday June 20th 8:30a: PAR Tour, Mr. Mark Benner, PAR (Hollings has tour already set up)

Independent Research
Tuesday June 21st Independent Research
Wednesday June 22nd Independent Research

1p-2:30p: Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series: Careers in Meteorology, NWC 5930+5820 (REU; all welcome)
Thursday June 23rd Independent Research
Friday June 24th
Independent Research


Week 6:
June 27 - July 1

Monday June 27th Independent Research
Tuesday June 28th Independent Research

1p-3:30p: 5-min Practice Talks w/Q&A, NWC 1313 (REU only; required)
Wednesday June 29th 8:30a-5p: Independent Research
Thursday June 30th Independent Research

1-2p: Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series: Predictability, Dr. Chuck Doswell, NWC 5930 (REU; all welcome)
Friday July 1st Independent Research


Week 7:
July 4 - July 8

Monday July 4th JULY 4 HOLIDAY
Tuesday July 5th Independent Research
Wednesday July 6th Independent Research

11a-noon: Radar Extravaganza Part I: History of Weather Radar and Dual-Pol Upgrade, NWC 5930 (REU; all welcome)

Noon: Networking Lunch , NWC 5600 (REU+Hollings, students+mentors)

1p-2p: Radar Extravaganza Part II: CASA, PAR and OU PRIME Radars, NWC 5930 (REU; all welcome)
Thursday July 7th Independent Research

?? (if not this day, it'll be sometime near to this date) Research Meetings w/non-mentor Scientists (REU only; required)
Friday July 8th Independent Research


Week 8:
July 11 - July 15

Monday July 11th 8:30a-5p: Independent Research
Tuesday July 12th Independent Research
Wednesday July 13th Independent Research
Thursday July 14th BOULDER TRIP -- Thursday through Saturday (REU)
Friday July 15th BOULDER TRIP -- Thursday through Saturday (REU)


Week 9:
July 18 - July 22

Monday July 18th Independent Research

1:30-3:00p: Ins & Outs of Applying to Graduate School, Dr. Fred Carr and Ms. Celia Jones, NWC 5600 (REU; all welcome)

5-6:30p: SOM Reception for REU+Hollings to meet SOM Faculty, NWC Atrium (REU + Hollings)
Tuesday July 19th Independent Research
Wednesday July 20th Independent Research

10a: NEA "Store" open for us to purchase NOAA logo items

3p: Ice Cream Social, NWC Atrium, Sponsored by the NOAA Employee's Association
Thursday July 21st Independent Research
Friday July 22nd Independent Research


Week 10:
July 25 - July 29

Monday July 25th Independent Research
Tuesday July 26th
Independent Research
Wednesday July 27th Practice Presentations All Day -- reserve 30 min slots the week before
Thursday July 28th
Final Presentation Day All Day
Friday July 29th
Final REU Activities (REU required)

9:30a-10:30a: Reading on the Frontier, Dr. Pam Heinselman, NWC 4140

10:30a-11:10a: Clean up office, turn in library books, etc.

11:10a: Drive to Interurban

11:30a-1p: REU Final Lunch for Students & Mentors (by invite only)

1p-2p: Mentor Poster Session, NWC 5930

2p-3p: Graduate Students on Applying to Graduate School, NWC 5930

3p-4p: Chuck Doswell on Being a Scientist, NWC 5930

4:30p: Doo Rag Closing Ceremony, NWC Atrium


Depart Norman after 5p Friday, July 29