NWC REU 2011
May 23 - July 29

Final Talks

Final presentations:

Miscellaneous pics from the final talk day:

Waiting to put the latest, greatest presentation on the laptop.


Chilling with bagels.


Small talk before the talks stat.

Loading talks.

(what do I write on this one? ha ha!)

Lookin' cool.

Happiness after the talks are done.

Adam & Eric

Adam & Sam

Amber, Sarah and Rebekah

Lots of networking with scientists and others!

Daphne, Sarah and Rebekah

They're going places! (Well, up, anyway).

Harold, Amber and Randy

Jerry, Stephanie and Harold

John and Eric

Sarah and Rebekah, Sam and Heather

Rebekah and Heather with an interloper

Kevin and Kiel

Yummy lunch thanks to the Dean's Office. Thanks very much!

Gathering for lunch

Wonderful food!

Gathering for lunch

Rebekah and her mentor, Heather

Fueling up.

Most of the group.

Time to let off some steam!

Having fun