NWC REU 2010
May 25 - July 30

Week 1:
May 24 - May 28

Sunday May 23rd & Monday May 24th arrive by early evening, first grocery store runs each day
Tuesday May 25th busy all day: First day! ID photos, NWC Safety & Security, building tours, drive around Norman, find their offices, meet mentors if they are around (REU only)
Wednesday May 26th 8:30a-9:30a: What to Expect in REU, by former REUers (REU only)

9:30a-11:30a: Independent Research

11:30-1:30: Welcome Picnic (REU+Mentors only)

1:30-5: Independent Research
Thursday May 27th 9a-3p: Responsible Conduct of Research workshop (REU required; others may RSVP)

4-5p: Independent Research
Friday May 28th 9a-2:30p: Responsible Conduct of Research workshop (REU required; others may RSVP)

2:30-3:30p: Impromptu seminar: Jenni Rauhala, Severe Convective Storms in Finland and Their Nowcasting Challenges, NWC 1350

3:30-5p: Independent Research


Week 2:
May 31 - June 4

Monday May 31st Memorial Day holiday
Tuesday June 1st 8:30a-4:30p: Independent Research

4:30p-5p: Working in a Mixed NOAA - OU Workplace, NWC 3910 (REU + Hollings)
Wednesday June 2nd 8:30a-11a: Independent Research

11a-noon: Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series: Dr. David Stensrud on An Introduction to Numerical Modeling, NWC 1313 (REU; all welcome)

noon-5p: Independent Research
Thursday June 3rd Independent Research

10:30-noon: MATLAB Workshop, NWC 5720 (optional for all; RSVP by Tuesday so accounts may be set up)
Friday June 4th Independent Research


Week 3:
June 7 - June 11

Monday June 7th Independent Research

3-5p: Scientific Communication I, NWC 4140 (REU; others RSVP)
Tuesday June 8th Independent Research

3-5p: Scientific Communication II, NWC 4140 (REU; others RSVP)
Wednesday June 9th 8:30a-11a: Independent Research

11a-noon: Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series: Dr. Mark Shafer and Dr. Heather Lazrus, The integration of policy and social sciences with meteorology, NWC 1313 (REU; all welcome)

noon-5p: (lunch) Independent Research
Thursday June 10th Independent Research

1:30-2p: Elevator Talks, NWC 3910 (REU)
Friday June 11th
8:45-11a: Severe Weather Forecasting Workshop, NWC 3910 (optional for all, please RSVP)

Independent Research


Week 4:
June 14 - June 18

Monday June 14th Independent Research
Tuesday June 15th Independent Research

noon-1p: Networking Lunch, NWC 5600(REU+Hollings+Mentors)
Wednesday June 16th 8:30a-11a: Independent Research

11a-noon: Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series, NWC 1313 (REU; all welcome)

12:30p-5p: (lunch) Independent Research
Thursday June 17th Independent Research
Friday June 18th Independent Research

1-4:45p: Kimpel Symposium, Agenda of talks http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/kimpel_symposium/, NWC 1313 (optional)


Week 5:
June 21 - June 25

Monday June 21st Independent Research
Tuesday June 22nd Independent Research
Wednesday June 23rd Independent Research
Thursday June 24th Hosting SOARS Today

8:30-9:30a: Dr. Cameron McCoy on How and Why OU is Engaging the Private Sector, NWC 5600 (optional; all welcome)

9:30a-10a: Icebreaker activity to get to know each other

10a-noon: Radar Extravaganza Summer Undergraduate Seminar Series, NWC 1313 (REU+SOARS; all welcome)

noon-2p: Independent Research / lunch

2-3p: Tour of OU PRIME radar (optional; groups of 15 at a time, so must RSVP!! wear comfortable shoes! 15-min walk from NWC over grassy surfaces!), otherwise Independent Research

3-5p: Entrepreneurial Workshop Intro (1 hr), Brainstorm ideas (1 hrs), NWC 3910 (REU+SOARS; others RSVP)
Friday June 25th
Hosting SOARS Today

8:30-11a: Independent Research

11-noon: Entrepreneurial Workshop Business Pitches! (1 hr), NWC 5600 (only those who participated in Intro yesterday)

noon-1p: Networking Lunch, NWC 5600 (NWC REU+Hollings+SOARS+Mentors; others by invite only)

(SOARS only) 1-2p: NWC Building Tour

(REU) 1-2:45p: Independent Research

2:45-3:30p: VORTEX2 Vehicle Tour, Sean Waugh, Vehicle Bay (REU+SOARS; all welcome)

3:30-5p: Graduate School, Dr. Fred Carr and Ms. Celia Jones, NWC 5600 (REU+SOARS; others RSVP for handouts)


Week 6:
June 28 - July 2

Monday June 28th Independent Research
Tuesday June 29th Independent Research

1p-3:30p: 5-min Practice Talks w/Q&A, NWC 1313 (REU only; required)
Wednesday June 30th 8:30a-5p: Independent Research
Thursday July 1st 8:30a-11a: Independent Research

3-5p: 5-min Practice Talks, NWC 1313 (NWC REU only)
Friday July 2nd Independent Research


Week 7:
July 5 - July 9

Monday July 5th BOULDER TRIP (optional for REU)
Tuesday July 6th BOULDER TRIP (optional for REU; otherwise Independent Research)
Wednesday July 7th BOULDER TRIP (optional for REU; otherwise Independent Research)
Thursday July 8th Independent Research
Friday July 9th Independent Research


Week 8:
July 12 - July 16

Monday July 12th Independent Research
Tuesday July 13th Independent Research
Wednesday July 14th Independent Research

noon-1p: Networking Lunch, SRTC Seminar Room (NWC REU+Hollings+Mentors; others by invite only)
Thursday July 15th Independent Research
Friday July 16th Independent Research


Week 9:
July 19 - July 23

Monday July 19th Independent Research
Tuesday July 20th Independent Research
Wednesday July 21st Independent Research
Thursday July 22nd Independent Research
Friday July 23rd Independent Research


Week 10:
July 26 - July 30

Monday July 26th Independent Research
Tuesday July 27th
Independent Research

2-3:30p: Ice Cream Social, NWC Atrium, Sponsored by the NOAA Employees Association (all invited)
Wednesday July 28th Practice Talks All Day, otherwise Independent Research
Thursday July 29th
8:30-9:00: Bagel Breakfast
9:00-9:05: Opening Remarks

Session 1: Severe Weather and Forecasting, Moderated by Tim Bonin (REU '08)
9:05-9:20: Verifying model forecasts of arctic fronts in advance of winter storms in the southern plains: Bill Leatham, Plymouth State University, Mentors: Patrick Burke & Andrew Taylor (both NOAA NWS)
9:20-9:35: Updraft Helicity as a Forecast Parameter: Stacey Hitchcock, University of Oklahoma, Mentors: Harold Brooks (NSSL), Patrick Marsh (PhD student w/SOM), Chuck Doswell (CIMMS)
9:35-9:50: Storm Trajectories around Urban Areas: Josh Turner, University of Miami, Mentor: Brian Vant-Hull (CUNY in NYC; Josh did an REU exchange)
9:50-10:05: Predicting Convectively Induced Turbulence Using Spatiotemporal Relational Random Forests: Tim Sliwinski, Florida State University & Jon Trueblood, Dordt College, Mentors: (from the Computer Science REU across the street in Stephenson, and include some scientists from NCAR)
10:05-10:25: BREAK

Session 2: Societal Impacts, Moderated by Madison Burnett (REU '08)
10:25-10:40: Public Responses to the 10 May 2010 Norman, OK Tornado: Sarah Stalker, St. Cloud State University, Mentors: Randy Peppler (CIMMS), Kim Klockow (PhD student w/ geography), Kristin Kuhlman (CIMMS), and Heather Lazrus (SSWIM)
10:40-10:55: Evaluating High-Resolution WRF Forecasts of the Low-Level Jet for Wind Power Forecast Applications: Jeff Deppa, Rutgers University, Mentors: Richard Carpenter and Brent Shaw (WDT, Inc.)
10:55-11:10: Spatial Analysis of Vulnerabilities Contributing to Tornado Casualties: Eric Hout, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Mentors: May Yuan (OU's CSA/Geography), John McIntosh (OU CSA), Chris Weaver (joint CSA and OU's Comp Sci)

Session 3: Remote Sensing and Hydrology, Moderated by Becky Belobraydich (REU '08)
1:30-1:45: Comparisons of Flood Affected Area Derived from MODIS and Landsat Imagery during the June 2008 Southern Indiana Event: Kevin Van Leer, Purdue University, Mentor: John Galantowicz (AER, Inc.)
1:45-2:00: Radar-Disdrometer Comparison to Study Precipitation Microphysics: Chris Kerr, Clemson University, Mentor: Guifu Zhang (OU SOM)
2:00-2:15: Assessing Climate Change Impacts of the Blue River Basin of Oklahoma: Chris Bednarczyk, Valparaiso University, Mentor: Yang Hong (OU CEES)
2:15-2:30: BREAK

Session 4: Severe Weather and Climatology, Moderated by Jennifer Newman (REU '08)
2:35-2:50: Measured Severe Convective Wind Gust Climatology of Thunderstorms for the Contiguous United States, 2003-2009: Andrew Winters, University of Wisconsin, Mentors: Bryan Smith and Corey Mead (NOAA SPC)
2:50-3:05: An Analysis of Southern U.S. Ice Storm Frequency from 2000-2009: Carly Kovacik, North Carolina State University, Mentors: Mark Shafer and James Hocker (OCS)
3:05-3:20: Gridded Verification for NWS Storm-Based Warnings: Todd Ferebee, North Carolina State University, Mentors: Kiel Ortega (CIMMS) and Kevin Scharfenberg (NOAA NWS)

3:20-3:25: Closing Remarks
3:25-4:00: Reception (All Welcome)

Friday July 30th
Final REU Activities (REU required)

8:30-10a: clean up, pack office, check out of apartments(?), say goodbye to mentors; whatever -- your time!

10-noon: Mentor Poster Session, NWC 3910

Noon-2p: lunch together on own dime, probably Mazzio's (own dime)

2-3p: Graduate Student Panel: Tips on Applying, etc., NWC 5930

1p-2p: Mentor Poster Session, NWC 5930

3-4p: About Research w/ Chuck Doswell

~4:30p: Doo Rag Photo Shoot, NWC Atrium
Saturday July 31st
Those who fly will leave today.

Those who drive will need to leave by evening.