NWC REU 2010
May 25 - July 30

Before REU

NWC Tour

The students learning about the phased array radar research done at NSSL.

The students listening to Daphne talk about SHAVE (Severe Hazards Algorithm Verification Experiment).

Getting ready to enter into the area that houses the Storm Prediction Center and the Norman NWS office.

Learning about the Storm Prediction Center operations area.

Listening to Daphne explain what goes on in the Norman WFO operations area.

Learning about science on a sphere!

The students meeting Dorothy and ToTo from Twister!

Walking around up on the observation deck.

Stacey telling the students about one of her favorite places in the NWC, the observation deck.

Stacey telling the other students about how the May 10th tornado could be seen forming from the obs deck.

Looking out at the outdoor classroom.

Listening to Pat Hyland talk about his lightning research.

Pat explaining the use of some of the meteorological equipement out near the green roof.

OU Prime Tour

NWC REU, Hollings, SOARS, and some CS REU students out at the OU Prime radar.

Taking a peek inside the building where the radar is controlled.

A view of the radar from below.

A great photo opportunity with the OU Prime sign.

(no caption)

Students staying cool in the shade before heading up inside the radar.

More students keeping cool in the shade of the radar.

Getting ready to go up into the radar.

(no caption)

A view inside the control room.

Up they go!

Kevin shows his excitement as he climbs up to the top.

Waiting to go up to the top!

Students climbing inside.

Jeff showing his excitement on the way back down.

Vortex 2 Vehicle Tour

Sean Waugh showing off his projects in the vehicle bay.

Heading outside to look at the V2 vehicles.

Looking at radar and field command vehicles.

(no caption)

Heading over to examine some of the instruments and damage on the mobile mesonets.

Staring at some serious hail damage.

Sean telling stories of when and where the mesonets got their dents.

Learning about the instrumentation used on the mesonets.

Getting a look inside the vans.

(no caption)

Some of the more serious hail damage from Vortex 2.