NWC REU 1999
May 24 - July 30



Sensitivity of Severe Weather Indices to Raidosonde Humidity Errors in the Southern Great Plains

Kristin Kulhman, Randy Peppler, and Michael Splitt



An instrumentation issue of note in the Atmospheric Radiation Program has been the comparison of the radiosonde precipitable water vapor with that of the microwave radiometer. Given that the errors have been identified within the radiosonde's measurement of relative humidity, different adjustments can be made to modify the radiosonde's profile to more accurately represent the moisture in the atmosphere. These adjustments cause alterations to severe weather indices and other parameters derived in part from the moisture profiles. At times, the sensitivity of these indices and parameters, such as convective available potential energy and the Bulk Richardson Number, may be great enough to warrant altering forecasts for threatening severe weather conditions.

Paper available upon request.