NWC REU 1999
May 24 - July 30



Toward a Climatology of the Enhanced-V Signature

Steven Caruso, Robert Rabin, Daphne Zaras, and Jim LaDue



Infrared satellite imagery was used to study the enhanced-v signature and its correlation with severe weather. A study by McCann (1983) observed a high likelihood of severe weather occurring within 30 minutes of the feature. He also noted the low probability of detection indicating many severe storms do not display the signature. However, with improved present day satellite data, a reinvestigation of the feature is warranted. The signature may help in the accuracy of issuing severe weather warnings. The methods to perform a thorough climatology are developed. The results from a test study, using the chosen methods are discussed as an example of the statistics which could be obtained from this type of climatology.

Paper available upon request.