NWC REU 1998



Development of the CWA Database and Testing

Gregg Gallina and JT Johnson



The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) has developed the Warning Decision Support System (WDSS), to provide warning guidance information to meteorologists for their use during warning situations. Putting the information in a tabular format that lists storms in order of severity helps alert the forecaster to the most significant storms at a given time. The current WDSS design only processes data from a single WSR-88D. A newer algorithm, the County Warning Area (CWA) algorithm, will combine algorithm products from multiple radar into a single integrated CWA Algorithm Guidance Table. The table will provide information about which radar is the "best", "2nd best", and possibly "3rd best", for each phenomenon. A rule-base must be created and tested, to verify the algorithm's logic and practicality.

Paper available upon request.