NWC REU 2018
May 21 - July 31

Miscellaneous Photos

A tornado cake? Or a log?

Sunset on the way home from storm chasing

Dorothy, DOT (movie props), and TOTO (actual NOAA instrument) from Twister.

National Weather Center (NWC) sign

Another NWC sign

The flags in front of the NWC sign

Ron with his mentors, Harold Brooks and Cassandra Shivers-Williams.

Aodhan just messing around.

Storm chasing attempt early in the 2018 season.

Formal picture of the RIL group (from left to right): Hjalti Sigmarsson, Jashawn Ford, Breecia Crawford, Jessica Ruyle

From the July 4th party.

Posing in front of the NWC flags.