NWC REU 2015
May 26 - July 31

Miscellaneous Photos

Firecrackers, hummingbirds, rainbows, and sparklers oh my!

While most storm chasers were in Colorado, a portion of our group headed to southern Kansas to catch this beautiful, isolated storm.

Time taken for chasing must be made up because it isn't an official activity.

A cake to celebrate the last year of the REU grant! Thank you to all who helped support the REU in the last five years.

Everyone wanted to make sure Ryann got a piece with a tornado, but I had to find her to deliver it! Too busy networking.

We started and ended our summer at Hideaway.

Figuring out what to order... tough! So many pizza options.

Rashida decorating her leftovers.

Our Deepest Sympathy... that your best REU ever is ending. Awww!