NWC REU 2015
May 26 - July 31

Boulder, CO trip pictures

Cancun?! Forget Boulder, let's get back on the plane!

Dr. Marty Snow tells us all about the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics on a Saturday morning.

Lots of rockets and space instruments to see at LASP


Fun with magnetic lines

They tried.

We perfectly timed our trip on the weekend of the SOARS picnic; a perfect setting to network!

And have some fun.

On Sunday we went to Rocky Mountain National Park because... microclimates and low pressures!

Brief stop in Estes Park on the way there.

Snow near the Continental Divide!

And, of course, a snowball fight.

This happy group made it to 12,005 feet above sea level.

View of the alluvial fan, carved out by the almighty power of water!

Group picture at the Continental Divide with their fearless leader.

And another with REU alum/Assistant Director for 2015, Lori.

Evidence of the washout from the 2013 Colorado floods.

Asphalt from the flash flood, now mixed with the natural rock.

Selfie with a few of our group

We divided up and explored the area for a while.

Late in the day, after crowds had diminished, we hiked.

This is when the elk were still nice. They apparently become a bit different as dusk falls

On Monday we explored many types of careers, starting at NOAA.

The Boulder NWS Forecast Office.

Hearing about the Space Weather Prediction Center.

After lunch we headed over to the NCAR Mesa Lab.


Fun waiting for the VisLab talk to start.


Model of what was the largest known hailstone in the NCAR education exhibits.

Come on, let me touch you!

Our SOARS hosts, Ryan Adams and Gaby De La Cruz Tello.

Career journey talk.