NWC REU 2009
May 26 - July 31

Workshops and Activities Photos

Weather Balloon Launch

Rachel preparing the radiosonde.

Christine preparing the computer to collect data.

Getting ready to fill the balloon.

Measuring out string while the balloon fills.

Watching the balloon fill.

Answering Jonathan and Jeff's questions.

The balloon is just about ready.

Travis and Justin watch as the radiosonde is attached.

(no caption)

Letting it go.

Recording data as it rises through the atmosphere.

Watching as the balloon ascends.

Watching the balloon.

WDTB/Severe Weather Forecasting Workshop

Brad explaining WDTB and it's functions.

Learning about the training WDTB does for the NWS.

Greg giving an introduction to the workshop.

Listening and learning.


David and Alex taking in the information.

Karen doing some isoplething.



Jeff drawing contours.

Hannah looking at data with AWIPS.

Analyzing the weather.

Greg explaining an aspect of the skew-T.


Mark teaching the GEMPAK / IDV Workshop.

Talking about using Linux.

Learning new skills.

Astrid enjoying the workshop.

Hannah and Alex listening.

Justin trying it out.

Karen listening intently.

Kristen smiling for the camera.

Jonathan thinking.

Justin and David listening to Mark.

Lauren learning hands on.

Mark helping Travis.

Jeff participating via Skype.

Kevin helping out with the workshop.

Ponca City Airport

The hanger where the planes were housed.

Standing inside the hanger.

Describing the field project.

Talking about the project.

Explaining the LIDAR equipment and it's uses.

Alex checking out the interior of the plane.

Learning more about the instruments on the planes.

Cessna airplane used for taking insitu measurements of aerosols.

Pointing out the probes used for sampling cloud particles.

Cloud sampling probe on one side of the plane.

Probes on the other side of the plane.

Karen looking at the instruments inside the plane for determining cloud properties.

Station to control all of the plane's computers and instruments.

Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter.

Showing the instrumentation in the nose of the plane.

The whole group.

The group again, this time in front of the other plane.

The center for operations.

Mentor Poster Session

Networking Lunch.

Listening to Chuck talk during lunch.

Talking after lunch.

Alex and Hannah listening to Brent talk about his work at WDT.

Jerry talking with Travis.

Cynthia sharing her poster.

Chris showing Cristal his program.

Karen, Stephanie, and David having a good time.

Warren talking about his research.

Richard talking with Astrid, Jonathan, and Lauren.

Daphne talking about designing posters.

Discussing posters.