NWC REU 2009
May 26 - July 31

Tours Photos

NWC Building Tour

Kevin explains the NSSL's weather balloon launches.

A weather balloon and the vehicle from which it's launched.

Listening to the tour.

The vehicles are all gone on Vortex 2.

Showing off Dorothy, DOT, and TOTO.

Checking out the NWC atrium.

On the roof of the NWC.

Looking over the side of the building.

Kevin talks about the Partners Places and the influx of meteorologists to Norman.

The instrumentation classroom.

Kevin points out the extra half floor in between each floor for maintance purposes.

The "Pit of Despair".

Enjoying the tour.

Getting ready to enter the SPC and Norman NWS.

Looking into the SPC.

SPC, formerly SELS.

Norman NWS office.

Weathernews, Inc. Tour

Beginning the tour.

Lance introducing Weathernews.

Marine forecasting.

Weathernews is an international company.

Forecasters at Weathernews.

Aviation forecasting area.

Looking at charts for aviation forecasting.

Jeff and Jonathan looking at charts.

Touring the company.

Amy describing the training process.

Vehicle Bay Tour

Sean talking about the mobile mesonets.

Looking at the mobile mesonet.

The mesonet vehicles got a lot of hail damage out on Vortex 2.

Discussing the mobile radars.

Renee and a mobile radar.

Laughing at something Renee said.

Sean pointing out hail damage on Probe 1.

Describing all of the work done to outfit the mobile mesonet vehicles.

Listening to Sean talk about the vehicles.

Renee shows off the SMART-R.

Inside the radar truck cab.


The media and field command vehicles.

Hail damage to the media vehicle's windshield.

Checking out the field command vehicle.

Oklahoma Mesonet Tour

Braving the heat to see the mesonet station.

Kristen and Karen listening to Jeff introduce the Oklahoma mesonet.

Describing the station's air temperature sensors.

Showing one of the anemometers.

There are temperature sensors under the ground.

The group standing by the mesonet.

Astrid and Travis looking on.

The rain gauge.

An instrument for measuring net longwave radiation.

PAR Tour

Beginning the tour.

The group by the PAR.

Inside the radar base introducing the PAR.

Ascending the stairs to see more of the radar.

Precautions were taken so nobody was in any danger.

David and Alex listen to Mark talk about the radar's panel.

Learning about the panel.

Explaining the inner workings of the PAR.

How the signal is distributed across the array at the back of the panel.

Making the antenna rotate.

Answering Justin's question.

The group in front of the old Doppler radar.

In front of the old Doppler radar.