NWC REU 2008
May 27 - August 1

Workshops and Activities

Welcome Picnic

Tim chats with Andrea and Deke

Time for lunch!

Christina and Jennifer chat with Pam

Blake and Jon talk with Ted

The food was declicious

Severe Weather

Tim and Kelly are on top of their game

Jennifer tracks the storms

Decisions, decisions...

Some interesting parameters to look at...

Students got their hands on the AWIPS system in WDTB


Aaron and Kevin led a Matlab workshop

Matlab workshop

Aaron discusses an example problem

Matlab workshop

Jennifer, Becky and Jon



Yay for Matlab!

Chris and Jon


Some results (and Tim!)


Christina and Brad

IDV produces 3D images

IDV workshop

IDV workshop with Dr. Laufersweiler

Balloon Launch

Ty Judd prepares the balloon for launching


Madison has the honor of launching it

Up, up and away!

Dallas Field Trip

West Gulf River Forecast Center and Fort Worth WFO

A study about the March 2000 Ft. Worth tornado

Greg Waller talked about the RFC

Gary Woodall talked about the Ft. Worth NWS WFO

Ft. Worth WFO

Everyone in front of the sign!

Some went to a Texas Rangers game in Arlington

Very nice ballpark

The field

Enjoying the game...the Rangers lost 6-9 but it was still an exciting one!

Clouds building in the distance...

Mentor Poster Session

Daphne shares a poster about REU

Gary talks about drought in Oklahoma

Paul offers some tips about posters

Becky and Brad chatting with Gary

Dr. Lak shares his poster about automated storm classification

Dr. Mansell talks about his posters with Blake, Jon, and Kelly