NWC REU 2008
May 27 - August 1


National Weather Center

Kevin Kloesel shows the NSSL garage

NSSL truck and mobile mesonet van

Showing the REUers some of NSSL's field work

Another look at a mobile mesonet

Outside in the vehicle bay


REUers and Hollings students listening intently

Thankfully the pouring rain ended

In the NWC Atrium

Showing off Dorothy, DOT, and TOTO (the real deal)

Up in the observation deck

The view is pretty nice up here

a.k.a. the "0th" floor

Daphne Thompson talking about the PAR

Kevin showing the "pit of despair"

View from above

This place is pretty sweet

He has many amusing stories


Headin' to see the 88D

Wispy cirrus over head

Major Miller introduces the ROC to the students

Just one snapshot of who the ROC serves

Major Miller talks about processing the radar data

Sgt. Kelly discusses the nuts and bolts of the radar system


Now its off to the Phased-Array!

Mark introduces the PAR

Inside the PAR; at the base

Watching the panel in motion from below

Students inside the radome next to the panel

Students in front of the first Doppler radar on North Campus


Self Explanatory?

Ben points out the shipping routes

Headin' upstairs

Colin talks about WNI's involvement in aviation

The large room where most of the employees work


Across the way is...

JT introduces WDT to the students

The company has grown in a short amount of time

(no caption)

(no caption)

WDT employees at work