NWC REU 2007
May 29 - August 2


National Weather Center

First day, waiting in the atrium

NSSL truck (with students)

NSSL truck

Black widow spider

NSSL garage

Covered parking

Car wash

Kevin and Dorothy

Kevin and Dot

Kevin and TOTO

NWC tour-- observation deck

Bouncy chairs!

NWC tour-- outside

NWC tour-- ventilation and scenery

NWC tour-- roof and scenery

NWC tour-- outdoor classroom

NWC tour-- synoptic classroom

NWC tour-- 5th floor

NWC tour-- atrium from above

Around the "pit of despair"

NWC tour-- WFO and NSSL signs

NWC tour-- SPC sign

NWC tour-- SPC logo

Hazardous Weather Testbed

Dr. Crawford looks at a map

NWC tour-- Norman WFO

NWC tour-- room 1313



SMART-R antenna

Gordon Carrie and SMART-R

Gordon Carrie explains SMART-R

Students in the SMART-R

Students with the SMART-R

Chatting with Gordon


Military uses of NEXRAD

Public safety and NEXRAD

Radar Operations Center

Radar Operations Center

Inside the ROC



Chaff drops



Phased Array Radar

Phased Array Radar

Mark Benner explains the PAR

PAR poster

Students in the PAR

Students in the PAR

Students in the PAR

Students in the PAR

Students in the PAR

Students in the PAR