NWC REU 2002
May 12 - July 20



A Surface Wind Climatology for Central Oklahoma in July Using Oklahoma Mesonet Data

Andrew Philpott and Jeff Basara



Wind direction and the relationship between wind speed 2 meters above ground and wind speed 10 meters above ground were studied for six Oklahoma Mesonet stations near Oklahoma City during 1994-2001, with an emphasis on applications to surface airflow experiments. Given any 10 meter wind speed, the 2 meter wind speed was within some 1 m/s range. In different years, 55-84% of winds were southerly and 7.5-31 % were easterly, but on average only 4% of winds were westerly or northwesterly. Wind direction also depended on time of day, with maximum winds at 7-10 pm being 150-160 degrees and maximum winds at 10 am-1 PM being 200-210 degrees. These conclusions can assist prediction of wind behavior near the surface in July.