NWC REU 2001
May 28 - August 3

Main REU

Dave Schultz and Adam Lopes digging in at our "indoor" outdoor welcome picnic

Let the Body Boggle fun Begin!!!!

We just loved Body Boggle!

Really Dave, where do you come up with such ideas?

Early in our first full day of chasing, everyone is enthusiastic at just the sight of a towering cumulus cloud.

Do we go? Do we stay? What is to come for our lovely chase day?

Different day... same problems Rain: yes / Thunder: yes / Severe: NO.

What's the problem, Sir Dave?

We found our Severe Thunderstorm in Kansas.... But it is already very very late.

Didn't anyone ever warn you about chasing after dark; obviously we didn't hear that one.

"What do these buttons do?"

Comfy seats; I really should fly first class more often.

"This machine cost over a million dollars, so absolutely no one goes near it."

Aren't we a cute bunch.

ARM SGP Site: Instrumentation, Part 1

Fun with Meteorological Instrumentation: the Raman LIDAR

More fun: the microwave radiometer

Even more fun: Wind Profilers

Ooh, Chad don't break it!

The fun just doesn't stop: a radiosonde launch

We liked Dan...

Dan was enthusiatic and showed us expensive equipment.

Who knew so much went into hydrology forecasts!

The River Forecast Center. Where Hydrology and Meteorology comes together.

Fun with Meteorological Instrumentation: Part II

The Oklahoma Mesonet.

Scott Richardson was very informative

The group was very hot. We just LOVED that Oklahoma sunshine!

This year's theme was Survivor. This is the front of the T-shirt made this year.

This is the back of the T-shirt, also the list of all the students and their nicknames.