NWC REU 2001
May 28 - August 3



Procedure for Refurbishing Balloon-Borne Electric Field Meters

Jason Tomlison and Dave Rust



Balloon-Born Field Meters have become an integral part of field studies of thunderstorm electrification and precipitation processes in the recent years. These instruments have allowed researchers to measure the charge structure inside thunderstorms and winter storms. Over the summer of 2001, many of the instruments flown in the Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study (STEPS) were refurbished for future use. The goal of refurbishment is to save time and research funds by repairing or replacing all faulty mechanical and electrical parts, such as the instrument tubes wind vanes, bearings, spheres, switches and electronic card sets. After the EFM has been repaired, it is tested in the lab, to insure that it is functionally correctly. If there is no noise in the signal and the instrument is measuring the correct polarity of E, it is cleared for flight, if not further repairs will be made until the EFM is flight ready.

Paper available upon request.