kBrews Weather Spotting Frequency List

Revised 11 May 2018


** Entries known to be preferred sources of wx info
* Entries known as good sources of wx info
> part of linked SKYWARN radio network

Ratings are based on experience or information provided by
the source of the listing. No endorsement by the author is implied.

DUP indicates offset of repeater input frequency (+/- 600 kHz)

Mobile spotters are encouraged to use the following Unofficial National Spotting Simplex Frequencies:

Other Useful Info

NOAA Weather Radio Official Site: NOAA Wx Radio

FAA automated weather stations broadcasting in aircraft band: FAA ASOS/AWOS

Online live radars (for Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas): kBrews Radar Schmadar Links

Interested in becoming a spotter? Read: Becoming a Spotter


Compiled by Keith Brewster, N0IAW
With help from Bill Bunting N5SAL (NWS, SPC Norman),
Herb Stein, Doug Speheger KC5JUS (NWS OUN), Greg Stumpf (NSSL),
Sam Barricklow K5KJ, Garland, TX (sam.barricklow@DRIG.COM).
Robert Macedo, KD1CY, Taunton, MA, rmacedo@ma.ultranet.com (Northeast US))
...and many others as credited by state.

Corrections/Additions welcome, send to:
Please be sure to include the CITY location of the repeater so I don't have to guess based on listings in the ARRL repeater directory.

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Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas

California-North, California-Central, California-South

Colorado-East, Colorado-West, Connecticut, Delaware

Florida-East, Florida-North Central, Florida-West Central

Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho

Illinois-Northeast, Illinois-West, Illinois-East Central and Southeast,

Indiana-North, Indiana-Central and South, Iowa-West, Iowa-East

Kansas-Northwest, Kansas-Southwest, Kansas-Northeast, Kansas-Southeast, Kentucky

Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts

Michigan-West, Michigan-East, Minnesota, Mississippi

Missouri-West, Missouri-Central, Missouri-East, Montana

Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey

North and Central New Mexico, Southeast New Mexico, New York-West, New York-East

North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio-North/Central, Ohio-South/Central, Ohio-East

Oklahoma, Oklahoma-Northwest, Oklahoma-Southwest, Oklahoma-North, Oklahoma-South, Oklahoma-East

Oregon, Pennsylvania-West, Pennsylvania-East, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island

South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee-West, Tennessee-Central/East

Texas-Panhandle, Texas-West, Texas-North, Texas-Dallas, Texas-Northeast, Texas-South

Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington

West Virginia, Wisconsin-West, Wisconsin-Northeast, Wisconsin-Southeast, Wyoming

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