CHASE TELEVISION GUIDE
                       06 Apr 2003 revision
A list of network-affiliated television stations in the area of
greatest interest to storm chasers (Central US).
Notations:  1 to 3 star rankings based on break-in frequency and
            level of expertise of staff.  In general, an indication
            of the probability of getting accurate, reliable, useful 
            information at any given time.  Technology changes rapidly,
            please notify via email of ommissions.
            NWS 88D:     feed from NWS WSR-88D Doppler radar
            NWS radar:   feed from NWS WSR-57 (or similar)
            stn radar:   station operated radar
            stn Doppler: Radar capable of showing wind velocities
                         within storms
            stn turb:    Radar capable of showing areas of high
                         turbulence within storms
                         (not as good as full Doppler)
            corner disp: can show warning areas or radar display in
                         corner during regular programming
            autowarn:    Automated system of scrolling NWS warning
                         text.  E.g. "First Alert"
Star ratings are subjective and based on experience or information 
   provided by the source of the listing.  Ratings do not constitute
   an endorsement by the author.
   (c)1995-1998 Keith Brewster Permission granted for free distribution only.

Latest version of this file: http://www.caps.ou.edu/~kbrews/chase-tv.html
Site for TV web addresses: http://www.metronet.com/~chipk/usatv/
Compiled by Keith Brewster, N0IAW.
   Thanks to Doug Speheger, KC5JUS, NWS:OKC/OUN for his contributions.
Corrections/Additions welcome, send to:
   Internet: kbrews@galstar.com
   Huntsville (Note NWS-HSV one at a time Doppler velocity or reflectivity) 
             *** 19 WHNT  Stn turb, NWS 88D, radar NWS-HSV Doppler, autowarn,
                          lightning, freq updates
              ** 31 WAAY  Stn radar (Muscle Shoals), NWS 88D, NWS-HSV Doppler
              ** 48 WAFF  NWS 88D, NWS-HSV Doppler,
                          Lightning, NWS 88D, corner radar.
             ***  6 WBRC  Stn radar (w/turb), NWS 88D, autowarn,
                          quick and thorough cut-ins
              ** 13 WVTM  Stn Doppler, NWS 88D, autowarn,
                          corner disp
   Alabama source: Brian Motta, motta@vortex.atmos.uah.edu
                   Bill McCaul, mccaul@space.hsv.usra.edu
   Fayetteville**29 KHOG  satellite of KHBS (40, Fort Smith)
                 13 KAFT  corner disp only (PBS)
   Fort Smith     5 KFSM  NWS 88D, corner disp
                 24 KPOM  corner disp
               **40 KHBS  corner disp, stn Doppler, autowarn, freq cut-ins
   Jonesboro   ** 8 KAIT  stn Doppler, corner disp
   Little Rock    2 KETS
                  4 KARK
              *** 7 KATV  NWS radar, corner disp, hams, autowarn
              ***11 KTHV  stn Dopple, corner disp, autowarn
   Colo Springs:  5 KOAA
                 11 KKTV
              ***13 KRDO  NWS 88D, lightning, hams
   Denver:     ** 4 KCNC  stn Doppler,autowarn
                * 7 KMGH  stn radar, NWS-88D
              *** 9 KUSA  stn Doppler,autowarn
   Sterling:      3 KTVS  satellite of KWGN (5, Cheyenne, WY)
   Champaign   ** 3 WCIA   stn radar (Springfield), NWS 88D radars
                 15 WICD   NWS 88D
   Chicago        2 WBBM   stn Doppler
                  5 WMAQ
                  7 WLS    corner display
                  9 WGN
   Decatur       17 WAND   stn Doppler
                * 3 WSIL   NWS radar, good staff, infrequent break-ins
   Peoria      **19 WHOI   Doppler, corner map, good staff, freq. break-ins
                *25 WEEK   NWS radar, crawls, corner display
                 47 WTVP   "storm warning" indicator
              ***31 WMBD   Doppler, corner map, great staff, freq break-ins
   Rockford   ***13 WREX   NWS 88D radar, corner map, good staff, freq break-ins
               **17 WTVO   NWS 88D radar, corner map, daytime/eve break-ins
              ***23 WIFR   NWS 88D radar, corner map, infreq break-ins 
   Springfield   49 WCFN   satellite of WCIA (5, Champaign)
      sources:  C. Bruce Entwistle  entwistl@uiatma.atmos.uiuc.edu
                Michael Land landmb@pollux.slu.edu
                Gilbert Sebenste sebenste@geog.niu.edu
                Doug Sefried dsefried@niu.edu
                Dennis Karrick chief07@frontiernet.net


   Ft. Wayne     15 WANE   stn turb, corner disp
                 21 WPTA   stn radar, corner diso
                 33 WKJG   stn turb, corner disp
   Evansville  **25 WEHT   stn Doppler,corner map,auto-warn,freq break-ins,
                           spotters               www.abc25.com 
   Indianapolis   6 WRTV,  8 WISH,  13 WTHR
   Lafayette     18 WLFI
   South Bend  **16 WDNU   stn radar, NWS 88D, corner disp, auto-warn
   Salem       **58 WFTE   NWS 88D, EAS alerts, freq crawls and break-ins
   Cedar Rapids-Waterloo
              *** 2 KGAN  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, corner disp
               ** 7 KWWL  NWS Doppler, corner disp
               ** 9 KCRG  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, autowarn
   Des Moines   * 5 WOI   stn radar (high attenuation)
              *** 8 KCCI  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, corner disp
               **13 WHO   stn Doppler, NWS 88D, corner disp
   Kirksville-Ottumwa: (NE MO, SE IA)
                  3 KTVO  poor wx reporting
   Quad Cities (Davenport,Moline, etc  Iowa-Illinois)
                  4 WHBF  (Rock Island)
                  6 KWQC  (Davenport)
                * 8 WQAD  (Moline) stn radar
   DSM,Cedar Rapids source: Adam E Frederick afrederc@iastate.edu  (2/97)


   Colby          4 KLBY 
   Dodge City     6 KBSD  (Ensign, KS), Satell of KWCH (12, Wichita)
   Garden City   11 KSNG  Satellite of KSNW (3, Wichita)
                 13 KUPK
   Goodland      10 KBSL  Satellite of KWCH (12, Wichita)
   Great Bend     2 KSNC  Satellite of KSNW (3, Wichita)
   Hayes          7 KBSH  Satellite of KWCH (12, Wichita)
   Lawrence      38 KMCI  
   Pittsburg      7 KOAM  (SE corner of KS)
   Topeka        27 KSNT
                 49 KTKA  NWS 88D
                 13 WIBW  stn turb(?), NWS 88D
   Wichita        3 KSNW  stn Doppler, NWS 88D
              ***10 KAKE  stn turb, NWS 88D, corner disp
               **12 KWCH  NWS radar, NWS 88D, corner disp, autowarn 
   Manhattan  ***21 K21BZ (Low power UHF)  Live radar
   (see also Missouri, for KC area)
  Low Power Translators     License Holder or Translated Station, if known
   Junction City  6
   Lawrence      58
   Louisville  ***3 WAVE  NWS 88D, stn Doppler, corner disp,
                          freq cut-ins, good weather staff
               **11 WHAS  NWS 88D, stn Doppler, corner disp,
                          cont coverage during severe weather, largest weather staff.
                 15 WKPC  Kentucky Eductional Television -
                          autowarn for ALL Kentucky counties-crawls only.
               **32 WLKY  NWS 88D, stn Doppler, corner disp, autowarn
                *41 WDRB  NWS 88D,  autowarn & EAS, freq crawls, 
                          corner disp, cut-ins during major events.
   Paducah      * 6 WPSD  NWS radar, watch/warning display
      Louisville source: Lawrence Estep, weatherman@cyberdude.com (1/98)
   Shreveport     3 KTBS  NWS 88-D, autowarn, corner disp
                  6 KTAL  NWS 88-D, autowarn, corner disp
                 12 KSLA  stn Doppler, autowarn, spotters freq break-in
   Baton Rouge ** 9 WAFB  NWS radar
              *** 2 WBRZ  stn Doppler
      La. source: Don Morton, LSU, morton@csvax.csc.lsu.edu
                  Burton Fitzsimmons, auswxman@yahoo.com (1/00)

   Minneapolis/St. Paul
               ** 4 WCCO stn Doppler, freq break-ins, good staff
              *** 5 KSTP stn Doppler, freq break-ins, excellent staff    
                * 9 KMSP ukn Doppler, crawls, corner disp
               **11 KARE stn Doppler, freq break-ins
               **17      full-time live weather displays, incl radar, satl, etc
                         It is on from 6a to 6p M-F and 6a-12m Sa-Su

   MSP source: John Lamb    thinkman@zamboni.hockey.net (11/95)

   Cape Girardeau
                *12 KFVS  stn Doppler, NWS radar, spotters
   Columbia       8 KOMU  stn turb
                 17 KMIZ  stn turb
   Hannibal-Quincy (MO, IL)
                  7 KHQA  (Hannibal)
                 10 WGEM  (Quincy)
   Jeffersn City 13 KRCG  stn Doppler
   Joplin        12 KODE  www.kode-tv.com
                 16 KSNF  www.ksntv.com
   Kansas City*** 4 WDAF  stn turb, NWS 88D, spotters, chasers, 
                          corner map, autowarn, wx cams, freq cut-ins
                * 5 KCTV  stn Doppler, wx cams, corner map, autowarn, 
                          limited cut-ins
              *** 9 KMBC  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, corner map, numerous cut-ins,
                          helicopter chase
               **41 KSHB  stn radar, NWS 88D, corner map, freqcut-ins
   Popular Bluff 15 KPOB
   St. Joseph   * 2 KQTV  NWS 88D, corner map
   St. Louis   ** 2 KTVI  stn radar
              *** 4 KSDK  stn Doppler, NWS radar
              *** 5 KMOV  stn Doppler, NWS radar
   Springfield    3 KYTV
                 10 KOLR
                 16 KNSF
                 33 KSPR
E. Mo. Info source: Chris Novy, WA9V, chris@siu.edu
Columbia source: Scott Reno, the_count@worldnet.att.net
KC and W Mo. Source: Glen Briggs, KB0RPJ, wx@grundyec.net
   Alliance      13 KTNE
   Grand Island  11 KGIN  Satellite of KOLN (10, Lincoln)
   Hastings       5 KHAS
   Hayes Center   6 KWNB  Satellite of KHGI (13, Kearney)
   Kearney       13 KHGI
   Lincoln        8 KLKN
                 10 KOLN
   McCook         8 KSNK  Satellite of KSNW ( 3, Wichita)
   North Platte   2 KNOP
   Omaha       ** 3 KMTV  Stn Doppler,autowarn,corner disp
              *** 6 WOWT  Stn Doppler,autowarn,corner disp,hams
               ** 7 KETV  Stn Doppler,autowarn,corner disp
   Scotts Bluff   4 KDUH  Satellite of KOTA ( 3, Rapid City, SD)
                 10 KSTF  Satellite of KGWN (10, Cheyenne, WY)
   Superior       4 KSNB  Satellite of KHGI (13, Kearney)

  Low Power Translators     Translated Station
   Newport       24         KOLN, Lincoln
   O'Neil        34         KOLN, Lincoln
   Neligh        28         KOLN, Lincoln
   Gothenburg    27         KOLN, Lincoln
   Cambridge     25         KOLN, Lincoln
   Wallace       23         KOLN, Lincoln
   North Platte  57         KOLN, Lincoln
   Cozad         55         KOLN, Lincoln
   Lexington     35         KNOP, North Platte

  Lincoln, translator info: Steve Peterson, 00090444@bigred.unl.edu
  New Mexico
   Roswell        8 KOBR  Satellite of KCBO (11, Lubbock, TX)
   Clovis        12 KVIH  Satellite of KVII ( 7, Amarillo, TX)
   Ada         **10  KTEN   www.kten.com
   Ardmore     **12  KXII   stn radar
   Lawton      ** 7  KSWO   stn Doppler, NWS-88D, corner disp, hams
   Okla City   ** 4  KFOR   stn Doppler, NWS-88D, corner disp, autowarn, hams
                            (range: west to mile #114 I-40)
               ** 5  KOCO   stn Doppler, NWS-88D, corner disp, autowarn
                            (range: west to mile #114 I-40)
              *** 9  KWTV   stn Doppler, NWS-88D, corner disp, autowarn, hams
                            degreed meteorologists 
                            (range: west to mile #98 I-40, east to Shawnee)
                            www.newsok.com/?inewsintro (online wx alert program)
                *25  KOKH   NWS-88D, corner disp, wx handled remotely
   Tulsa      *** 2  KJRH   stn Doppler, NWS-88D, corner disp, autowarn
              *** 6  KOTV   stn Doppler, NWS-88D, corner disp, autowarn, hams
              *** 8  KTUL   stn turb, NWS-88D, corner disp, autowarn
  Low Power Translators     License Holder or Translated Station, if known
   Alva          60  KFOR (4/OKC)
                 62  KOCO (5/OKC)
                 64  KWTV (9/OKC)

   Ardmore       55  Blair Broadcasting
   Elk City-Clinton
                 44  KOCO (5/OKC)
                 46  KFOR (4/OKC)
                 48  KWTV (9/OKC)
                 50  KOKH (25/Fox/OKC)
                 52  TBN (no good for wx)
                 54  ???? (18/Fox/SPS)
                 56  KOCB (34/UPN/OKC)

   Erick         58/60/64/66/68
                 62  KWTV, Channel 9, OKC
   Gage          16  KOKH (25/Fox/OKC) 
                 18  KFOR (4/OKC)
                 20  KOCO (5/OKC)
                 22  KWTV (9/OKC)

   Guymon        59/63/65/69
                 61  KVII, Channel 7, Amarillo, TX

   Hollis        51/53/55/57/59

   Ponca City    12  Russell Communications
                 27  Star Broadcasting

   Seiling       49  WB Network affiliate
                 51  Channel 25 (Fox), OKC
                 53  KFOR, Channel 4, OKC 
                 55  KOCO, Channel 5, OKC
                 57  KWTV, Channel 9, OKC

   Strong City   28  ???? (18/Fox/SPS)
                 30  TBN (no good for wx)
                 32  KOCB (34/UPN/OKC)
                 36  KOCO (5/OKC)
                 38  KFOR (4/OKC)
                 40  KWTV (9/OKC)
                 42  KOKH (25/Fox/OKC)

   Texhoma       58/60/62

   Weatherford   17  KFOR (4/OKC)
                 20  KWTV (9/OKC)
                 22  KOCO (5/OKC)

   Woodward      59/61/63/65/67 Frontier Communications Co.
                 69  KWTV, Channel 9, OKC
   Memphis     ** 3 WREG   NWS radar
              *** 5 WMC    stn radar
                 13 WHBQ   NWS radar
      source: Rick Smith, Memphis State Univ, ussmith@msuvx1.memst.edu
   Abilene        9 KRBC  NWS 88D, corner disp
               **12 KTXS  stn Doppler, autowarn, corner display
               **32 KTAB  NWS 88D, autowarn
   Amarillo    ** 4 KAMR  corner disp
              *** 7 KVII  stn radar, corner disp
              ***10 KFDA  stn Doppler, corner disp
   Austin         7 KTBC  NWS Doppler
              ** 24 KVUE  stn Doppler, trained observer netwk, 3 degreed metr.
                 36 KXAN  stn turb, autowarn
                 42 KEYE  NWS 88-D, autowarn, corner disp
                  8 NEWS8 NWS 88-D, wxcast every 10mins (24hr cable)

   Big Spring     4 KWAB  Satellite of KTPX ( 9, Odessa)
   Bryan          3 KBTX  stn Doppler, autowarn
   Dallas/Ft W*** 4 KDFW  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, autowarn, corner disp, hams
                          freq cut-ins, www.kdfwfox4.com
              *** 5 KXAS  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, autowarn, freq cut-ins
               ** 8 WFAA  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, autowarn, corner disp
               **11 KTVT  NWS 88D, corner disp
   Houston        2 KPRC  www.kprc.com
                 11 KHOU  www.khou.com
                 13 KTRK  www.ktrk.com
   Llano         14 KXAM  Satellite of KXAN (36, Austin)
   Lubbock    ***11 KCBD  stn Doppler, NWS 88D, autowarn, corner disp
                          chasers, freq cut-ins
               **13 KLBK  shares 28 KAMC radar
               **28 KAMC  stn Doppler, freq break-ins
   Lufkin         9 KTRE  Satellite of KLTV ( 7, Tyler)
                 11 KIBN  crawls, corner disp, LPTV
   Midland        2 KMID  NWS Doppler
                  9 KWES  stn Doppler, autowarn, 30-min cut-ins
   Odessa         7 KOSA,   9 KPTX
   Paris          2       Satellite of KXII (12/CBS/Ada-Ardmore-Sherman)
                  8       Satellite of KTEN (10/NBC/Ada-Ardmore-Sherman)
   San Angelo     3 KACB  Satellite of KRBC ( 9, Abilene)
                  8 KLST
   San Antonio    4 KMOL  stn turb, autowarn, corner disp
                  5 KENS  stn Doppler
                 12 KSAT  stn turb, NWS Doppler, autowarn
   Temple      ** 6 KCEN  corner disp, NWS radar after hours
   Tyler/Longvw** 7 KLTV  NWS Doppler, autowarn, corner disp
                 51 KFXK  no weather
               **56 KETK  stn Doppler, NWS Doppler, autowarn, corner disp
   Waco          10 KWTX  stn radar, radar after hours, corner disp
                *25 KXXV  stn Doppler, freq break-ins, corner disp,
                          radar after hours
   Wichita Falls  3 KFDX,   6 KAUZ
  Low Power Translators     License Holder or Translated Station, if known
   Booker        47      KAMR, Channel 4, AMA
   Canadian      31      CL&O Translator System
   Childress     46      KAMR, Channel  4, AMA
                 48      KVII, Channel  7, AMA
                 50      KFDA, Channel 10, AMA
   Greenville    47
   Lipscomb(?)   45      KVII, Channel 7, AMA
   Memphis       44      Northfork Translator Co.
   Mt. Pleasant  54
   Mullin        61
   Paris         08
   Stinnet       38      KAMR, Channel 4, AMA
                 40      KVII, Channel 7, AMA
   Turkey        60
   Wellington TX 27      KCIT, Channel 14, AMA
                 29      KAMR, Channel  4, AMA
                 31      KVII, Channel  7, AMA
   Temple area source: Michael Coyne jcoyn@nimbus.tamu.edu
   Abiline source: Brad Case, KB5TLZ, Taylor Co ARES, bcase@camalott.com (4/96)
   Austin source: Burton Fitzsimmons, auswxman@yahoo.com (1/00)
   Madison    *** 3 WISC  NWS-88D,corner disp,autowarn,freq breaks, covers
                          all of SW and Central Wisc
   Milwaukee  *** 4 WTMJ  stn radar, corner map, autowarn, good personnel
                * 6 WITI  stn radar
                 12 WISN  NWS radar
                 18 WVTV  frequent weather crawls
MSN source:  Matt Engelbrecht, KB9MBK, TORNADO@infonet.watertown-wi.org
MKE source: Bill Kucharski, kucharsk@solbourne.com & kb
   Casper         2 KTWO,  14 KGWC,  20 KFNB
   Cheyenne       5 KGWN,  33 KKTU